Friday, December 13, 2013

weekend links! {let it snow!}

Of course it would snow practically every day that Jamie's been away. I haven't shovelled the driveway yet. Eep. It is beautiful and it seems like it's here to stay so we'll have a lovely white Christmas!

I'm sure you've seen this video, but if you haven't please watch it! It's happy and it made me teary. Well done, WestJet!

So I wanted to share how excited I am about something big coming up: we're doing a Christmas drop in for our street next Friday! Me and the boys will hand out the invites today after school and I'm hoping we'll get to know a bunch of people on our street! We'll be serving hot drinks and Christmas goodies and I'm thinking I might serve up this awesome cinnamon infused hot chocolate! I mean, it's Joy the Baker. You can't really go wrong with Joy.  Although I might have to test it this evening. You know what they say, never try a new recipe when you have people coming over. Right?

Another great post from the Art of Simple. Three simple tips to keep the joy in entertaining and at this time of year, it's always a good idea to do a heart check.

So I have really dry hands. I think it's a combination of my skin adjusting back to this cold, dry weather and perhaps just getting older {eep!}, but I have never seen my hands look and feel so cracked and dry. It's horrible and makes me want to weep. I'm constantly moisturising but what I really need is a pair of dish washing gloves. Yes. That is what I need. So anyway, I came across this list of 7 ways to keep your hands soft this winter and I might try all of the things. What do you do to keep your skin (specifically your hands) soft and moisturised? Please tell me you have a magical cure and what it is.

And one last video. Check out The Lower Lights for some fabulous, folksy tunes. They have two Christmas albums and I can't get enough of them!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Yahoo news had that West Jet video up. Yep I totally cried haha even though it wasn't desperately needy people getting food and blankets it is always just nice to do nice things for people no matter who they are or what they want/need for Christmas.

  2. dish gloves changed my life! my hands are a mess without them -no matter how much I moisturize. it took a while to get into the habit but it's so worth it!

  3. The hot cocoa was every bit as delicious as it sounds! and yes, gloves help unless you react to the latex :( I can get away with using them once or twice then I get a rash. Maybe using glycerine BEFORE I wash would be better! thanks for a fun time - do watch the end of White Christmas tonight!! xo

  4. oop, that was Mom on the last post! Mom


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