Friday, March 30, 2007

LOL - for real

Funniest thing I read today (found on Alex Wong's Facebook wall).

Chuck Norris likes to knit sweaters in his free time. And by "knit", I mean "kick", and by "sweaters", I mean "puppies".

Thursday, March 29, 2007

midwife - the right way for me

Our first midwife appointment was today. Hoorah. I feel like I've waited for ages just to get to this point.
And it was a good appointment. We waited, maybe 5 minutes and then spent a whole HOUR with Carol and Savannah (who is a midwifery student). It was great. I asked all my questions, answered all of theirs and I feel really confident that I made the right decision to go with a midwife.
We talked about a home birth and my concerns about it being too messy.
Carol said it's really not that messy at all and they bring all the stuff you need.
So I dunno.
I don't feel the NEED to have it at home and we can reserve a private room which sounds fun. And nice. Well, maybe not fun, but different. And I'm all about the different. Haha.
My main concerns:
They will pressure me to do something I don't want to do (they being doctors since they'll be there) like take drugs, get a c-section or whatnot.
Will they let me be with my baby right after it's born - will they want to give it lots of shots or tests or things that I don't understand?
These things I need research and talk about with Jamie and figure out what we want.
So yeah.
I've got lots of reading to do between now and our next appointment (April 16th I think) so that will keep me busy.
I also get to go for another ultrasound in the next few weeks as well as get some more bloodwork done. Whoopdeedo.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

spring fling

Today I got to indulge in one of my favourite activities; wearing newly purchased items.
EXCEPT - I had bought this particular item over a month ago (at least it seems that long ago) and delayed in wearing them so that they wouldn't get ruined by the salt.
Any guesses?
That's right. They're shoes. They're pretty much the cutest shoes you've ever seen. I got them at payless when Jamie needed some casual-type dress shoes and so they ended up costing me just under $20 I think.
Anyway, so I was pretty much thrilled to be wearing them - even if I did get some blisters due to the fact that I wore them without socks.
It's spring! Hooray!

Monday, March 26, 2007

the weirdness continues

I could probably have a dream blog for all the craziness of my dreams lately.
I won't go into details but my latest weird dream includes me talking to a hollow chocolate man who looked like Mario or Luigi, being compassionate towards a guy with leprosy but then being afraid it could hurt the baby and playing weird survivor games on competing islands.
It can only get weirder.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

is this the end?

On Friday I went to pick up masses of food for the Festival of Planning this past weekend.
Kirsten, Jenn and I all drove so we could cram our cars full of delicious fruit, meat, bread, chips, etc.
We had just pulled up at the camp and my car was blowing white, smelly smoke out of the exhaust as well as making suspicious "chugging" movements.
I could have cried. No, actually that's a lie. But we do have a car appointment tomorrow to fix an already existing problem so I hope that this is all just related to it and it's lucky we caught it when we did.
I guess tomorrow we'll see.

weird dreams!

And so the crazy dreams continue....
Yesterday after napping I remembered a weird dream I had - oddly enough I can't remember it anymore.
And this morning my alarm woke me up in the middle of a bizarre dream.
I wasn't myself at all. I'm fairly certain I dropped several f-bombs in my dream and I was hanging out with a co-worker, Jamie and my co-worker's 3 gay guy friends. So weird!
The gay guys were making fun of my extremely hairy legs.
So I left (we were at church) to go to the washroom to shave my legs in my very expensive Manolo Blahnik stilettos.
I think they were red.
Anyway (I don't have Manolo Blahniks, just by the way) on my way to the washroom I encountered a "hold up" situation and so then I got stuck being held up but then started chatting with the woman who was "holding up" the other person with a gun.
It was weird.
There was more but it just is too weird and pointless to write it all down here.
Man...if I keep having these weird dreams, pregnancy could be exhausting. Ok, so I think it'll be exhausting, but hopefully not from weird dreams.
I had lots of crampy feelings yesterday but I'm fairly certain they were ligament stretching pains and also due to the fact that I was on my feet the entire day.
So...I'm planning on taking it easy for the next day and a half.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Last night I dreamed I was pregnant with triplets.
It was scary. My first thought was "Oh no, I am going to be HUGE!" and then even though I wasn't at full term I went in for a c-section. Then I realized as I was getting prepped that I didn't want a c-section, I wanted a natural birth. Luckily I was able to get out of it.
I did, however, wake up in a terrible fright that I was pregnant with triplets.
Then I far, there's only one.

On another note, there is a couple on staff who just found out they are pregnant with twins.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

on becoming a "know-it-all"

This weekend my sister came over for a visit and we chatted it up about baby stuff.
My mom also came over for a Saturday brunch and among other things we did talk about babies and births and all that kind of good stuff.
It's interesting hearing all the gory details about births and labour and pregnancy - I've read online (I am an active contributor in an online pregnancy forum) that it annoys women when people want to tell them about their horror delivery stories.
But not me. It's fascinating. And I take pretty much everything with a grain of salt because everyone is different and every baby is different and every birth is different. It's amazing how different each person's experience can be.
On another note, I've also had friends who aren't really interested in reading tons of books (because there are literally TONS of books out there on pregnancy and babies and parenting philosophies) for whatever reasons.
I think I'm the kind of person that finds it silly NOT to take advantage of the wealth of information that is so readily available to us now.
When I think of the women back in the day who had no idea what was going on and were kept in the dark about their pregnancy and labour details I consider it a privilege to read and find out as much information as I want/can.
So I've been reading lots and researching different symptoms I feel and it's all so interesting. I know there are some women out there who find it scary or overwhelming, but I really enjoy just learning and reading about this amazing thing that is happening to my body as a new life is being formed within me!
I can take out a bajillion books out of the library, research online, talk to my online pregnant buddies and find out what's happening to them and talk to women who have children and who I respect and trust.
And ultimately I cherish that I live in a day and age where I can do what I believe is best for me, best for my child and best for my family.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A jig of excitement!

I could do a jig with excitement.
You see, I've just found out that what was thought to be a rumour is actually confirmed to be true!
Mark Driscoll is not only speaking at a couple seminars at staff conference, but he is actually THE KEY NOTE SPEAKER!!!!
I am beyond thrilled!!! It's going to be so good and so funny and so challenging. I'm really looking forward to conference - even more than I already was!
Jamie and I signed up for everything today.
We picked our seminars (of course all the Mark Driscoll ones before they fill up) and signed up for incredibly fun options like Survivor and Staff Softball (pretty much my favourite sport to play). So on top of the awesome people I'll get to hang out with, and the breathtaking scenery that is Whistler, there are fantastic activities and a give-it-to-'em straight Key Note Speaker, the one and only Mark Driscoll.
I love my job.
PS If you have no clue who Mark Driscoll is, he is a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle (no, not the one in Michigan with Rob Bell) and you should check out the website and listen to a sermon or five.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

he's got skills

This guy rocks my tiny little world!
I laughed out loud.

I got in!

Woot! I got into the Midwifery Clinic.
I'm relieved. And excited!
I'm so glad - AND the clinic is so close to where I live which is just really the icing on the cake.
So I'll be rotating between two different midwives and my first appointment is on Mar. 29th I think.
This is making it seem so much more real.
I said to Jamie last night that sometimes it's all I can think about, but then sometimes it doesn't seem real.
I look at my stomach and ponder the fact that at some point in the next 7 months I won't be able to see my feet for a little while.
I can't really fathom how big my stomach is going to get at this point.
I wonder about how long it will take before I can't fit into my pants. (I don't look forward to that - although it'll be fun to buy new clothes.)
It's also interesting to note that the Old Navy in Guelph does not have a maternity section.
And I didn't see any maternity clothing stores in the mall either.
I can't see you little peanut, but you sure are changing my body (and my life) already!

Monday, March 12, 2007

sick and tired

Today I stayed home sick.
A combination of a sore throat, stuffed sinuses (although those are getting better as I type!) and overall exhaustion was the culprit on this particular day.
I also talked to Tammy at the midwifery clinic and she said she'd call me on Wednesday and let me know a definite Yes or No. She said it's probably 75% for sure - she also said she never gives 100% on anything.
So...I'm nervous. I don't want a doctor. I want a midwife. *insert childish temper tantrum here* And I called the other midwifery clinic and they don't have room for any more October births.
So...another opportunity for me to trust God to take care of me and make sure that I have the care I need for this little baby.
She also asked me if I'm doing a home or hospital birth. I hesitated. I think hospital, but I'm not sure yet. I'm open to hearing more about it.
I think it'll come down to me being lazy. Too lazy to get extra supplies, too lazy to think about cleaning up the'm just too lazy I think. But I like the idea.
Who knows?
On another note, tomorrow is the little peanut's first Leaf game - although he/she won't remember it. We'll be going to see Tampa Bay get whooped by the Leafs. *crossing my fingers*

Sunday, March 11, 2007


What a great weekend.
My cousin came on Friday and we spent the weekend eating lots of good food, relaxing, listening to great jazz at Manhattan's (the best I've heard there so far), enjoying a gorgeous day downtown window shopping and sipping on iced lattes at the Red Brick Cafe.
I'm tired, though.
Ha. I just spent a few minutes blogging and complaining about how I don't feel prepared at all and yadda yadda yadda ... but as I re-read what I wrote a verse from Philippians 2 popped into my head about doing everything without complaining or grumbling.
So......I am thankful for the great weekend I had with my cousin and I will do my best to prepare now for the week I'm about to face.
And I'm also thankful for Life Brand Cereal.
So good!

Friday, March 9, 2007

we interupt regularily scheduled prgramming...

Well, i dont have a bun in my oven, but the one who does invited me to contribute to this blog. I guarentee that i will post less that 10% of this blogs content, but i guess that makes it that much more special when i do!

I really dont have much to say other than i am quite excited to be a dad soon. Cant wait to indoctrinate him or her with such things as John Piper and the Maple Leafs. But alas, the one with the bun says dinner is ready, so i must go.

Grow Peanut Grow!


Well, I finally got ahold of someone at the midwifery clinic. I should hear back sometime on Monday. They're basically waiting to hear back about a vacation schedule so since I called early on I should have a good chance of getting in.
I wish someone would have told me that early on so I could check out the other clinic.
So hopefully I get in - I called about 4 weeks ago! So that's pretty much as early as it gets as far as I'm concerned!
Pregnancy is all about waiting it seems.
You wait to find out if you're pregnant.
Lots of waiting in doctor's offices.
You wait 9 months to have the baby.
You wait to see if you can get into a midwifery clinic.
You wait to find out all sorts of information - actual due date, etc.
Well...the waiting game begins.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Post # 245.
What will I write about today?
I could write about how thrilled I am that mini eggs have gracefully danced their way back into my life.
I could write about - ok so I can't think of anything else really to write about.
Well, I can, but I've learned that some things are just better kept in a REAL journal. Unexposed to the whole bloggin' world.
I'm looking forward to this summer in Calgary.
I'm actually quite excited. Jamie and I get to spend May and June in Calgary, AB. Wooot. It'll be beautiful and fun and I'm really looking forward to building relationships with the other staff and students. I've never been on a national project so I am not sure what to expect, but I'm expecting God to use me to build deeply into all the awesome students who will working and living and ministering in the city of Calgary.
And of course I hear there is a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop in Calgary. *salivating already* The mountains will be glorious. And even the Calgary Stampede will be a blast!
I think it's going to be a goodie.
And right now I should be doing laundry.
But I think I'll procrastinate and fold prayer letters instead. Since I've procrastinated on that far longer than I have with the laundry.

Introducing the little Peanut

There's the little peanut(it's that bright spot in the dark circle)!
It was worth all the pain and discomfort of holding my pee (it was really, really uncomfortable) to see the little guy and I even got to see his heart beating!
It was so amazing - and really cute, actually.
It's for real.
It's also funny to think that here I am, posting the inside of my uterus to the whole blogosphere.
It's funny what becomes acceptable when you're pregnant.
You can burp. Sleep more. Vomitting becomes expected. And mood swings - well, they just come with the territory.
Can I just elaborate on the whole holding my pee deal?
I can't even explain how much pain I was in. It took everything I had to focus on not peeing. Jamie wanted to help, but I told him to just leave me alone so I could focus on not letting anything tinkle out.
When the technician finally let me go (after pressing and prodding for what seemed like infinity - although I was distracted by how cool it was to see the little peanut on the screen) I think I peed for over a minute.
It was pretty much the longest pee I've ever had. I think I could out-pee any guy any day.
And now I've grossed out pretty much everyone.
It's my blog and you don't have to read it if you don't want to.
And now I sound officially pregnant.

holding "it"

I'm waiting to leave for my ultrasound.
I just drank 32 oz of water and now I must hold it for the next 50 minutes.
This is going to be torture.
And on top of that I feel a bit queasy and the mass amounts of water sloshing around in my stomach aren't exactly helping that.
Oh ultrasounds...

Monday, March 5, 2007

midwife rant

I'm pretty frustrated with the midwifery clinic right now.
It's literally been 3 or 4 weeks now since I called them and tried to set something up.
Is that normal? I don't think it is.
It's making me question whether this is the best place for me right now. I know there is another midwifery clinic in Guelph, but I feel like I've waited so long I need to stick it out in case there really is room for me, it's just not urgent for them to get back to me until I get closer to the 12 week mark?
I don't know.
So I left yet another message requesting that someone call me since I've been playing phone tag for over 3 weeks now and whether I needed to look elsewhere.
I don't want to get annoying or like one of those rude, catty women but would someone please let me know what's going on!?!?
So hopefully someone will call tomorrow morning or sometime.
I go for my ultrasound on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to that and hoping that a heartbeat will be detected and that my due date will be confirmed.
We'll see - and I'll update afterwards!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Stuff!

I've been finding some adorable sites online for a plethora of baby paraphernalia.
Here are a few of my faves:

For all your diaper bag needs:
My personal favourite is the Expo.

For baby shower invites and birth announcements I like these 2 sites:
Tiny Prints
Magnetic Messenger

For adorable maternity clothes:
Kiki's Fashions are great and affordable!
Due Maternity Clothing has beautiful clothes, but aren't necessarily in the "cheap" category.
and of course
Old Navy has some great, affordable maternity pieces.

For beautiful but expensive baby items I like to drool at:
Pottery Barn for Kids
Baby Guru

And finally the solid and always reliable:

Sears and BabiesR'Us
Which is probably where I'll register. :D yay baby stuff!
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