Thursday, March 29, 2007

midwife - the right way for me

Our first midwife appointment was today. Hoorah. I feel like I've waited for ages just to get to this point.
And it was a good appointment. We waited, maybe 5 minutes and then spent a whole HOUR with Carol and Savannah (who is a midwifery student). It was great. I asked all my questions, answered all of theirs and I feel really confident that I made the right decision to go with a midwife.
We talked about a home birth and my concerns about it being too messy.
Carol said it's really not that messy at all and they bring all the stuff you need.
So I dunno.
I don't feel the NEED to have it at home and we can reserve a private room which sounds fun. And nice. Well, maybe not fun, but different. And I'm all about the different. Haha.
My main concerns:
They will pressure me to do something I don't want to do (they being doctors since they'll be there) like take drugs, get a c-section or whatnot.
Will they let me be with my baby right after it's born - will they want to give it lots of shots or tests or things that I don't understand?
These things I need research and talk about with Jamie and figure out what we want.
So yeah.
I've got lots of reading to do between now and our next appointment (April 16th I think) so that will keep me busy.
I also get to go for another ultrasound in the next few weeks as well as get some more bloodwork done. Whoopdeedo.


  1. I'm so glad you've got the midwife! she's the best thing you'll do for yourself and baby!As far as messy goes...that's what mom support is for!
    Love you, Mom

  2. if you get a private room, your friends can come and pace the hallways a la 1950 :)


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