Thursday, March 15, 2007

A jig of excitement!

I could do a jig with excitement.
You see, I've just found out that what was thought to be a rumour is actually confirmed to be true!
Mark Driscoll is not only speaking at a couple seminars at staff conference, but he is actually THE KEY NOTE SPEAKER!!!!
I am beyond thrilled!!! It's going to be so good and so funny and so challenging. I'm really looking forward to conference - even more than I already was!
Jamie and I signed up for everything today.
We picked our seminars (of course all the Mark Driscoll ones before they fill up) and signed up for incredibly fun options like Survivor and Staff Softball (pretty much my favourite sport to play). So on top of the awesome people I'll get to hang out with, and the breathtaking scenery that is Whistler, there are fantastic activities and a give-it-to-'em straight Key Note Speaker, the one and only Mark Driscoll.
I love my job.
PS If you have no clue who Mark Driscoll is, he is a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle (no, not the one in Michigan with Rob Bell) and you should check out the website and listen to a sermon or five.


  1. for serious! i'm registering asap.

  2. I have to admit that I don't really know who Driscoll is, but, because I read this blog I signed up for all of his seminars. However, if Jamie had written it...well...I may not have signed up.


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