Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I got in!

Woot! I got into the Midwifery Clinic.
I'm relieved. And excited!
I'm so glad - AND the clinic is so close to where I live which is just really the icing on the cake.
So I'll be rotating between two different midwives and my first appointment is on Mar. 29th I think.
This is making it seem so much more real.
I said to Jamie last night that sometimes it's all I can think about, but then sometimes it doesn't seem real.
I look at my stomach and ponder the fact that at some point in the next 7 months I won't be able to see my feet for a little while.
I can't really fathom how big my stomach is going to get at this point.
I wonder about how long it will take before I can't fit into my pants. (I don't look forward to that - although it'll be fun to buy new clothes.)
It's also interesting to note that the Old Navy in Guelph does not have a maternity section.
And I didn't see any maternity clothing stores in the mall either.
I can't see you little peanut, but you sure are changing my body (and my life) already!

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  1. Yay, I'm so glad you've got a midwife...they're the best!!


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