Thursday, March 1, 2007

Baby Stuff!

I've been finding some adorable sites online for a plethora of baby paraphernalia.
Here are a few of my faves:

For all your diaper bag needs:
My personal favourite is the Expo.

For baby shower invites and birth announcements I like these 2 sites:
Tiny Prints
Magnetic Messenger

For adorable maternity clothes:
Kiki's Fashions are great and affordable!
Due Maternity Clothing has beautiful clothes, but aren't necessarily in the "cheap" category.
and of course
Old Navy has some great, affordable maternity pieces.

For beautiful but expensive baby items I like to drool at:
Pottery Barn for Kids
Baby Guru

And finally the solid and always reliable:

Sears and BabiesR'Us
Which is probably where I'll register. :D yay baby stuff!


  1. Hey, I opened an acct to write here! all the baby stuff looks great...I really liked SPLASH... I needed one of those! and the clothes at Old Navy looked nice + comfy!...can't wait to see the little pouch grow!

  2. Gotta check out Baby Bargains. Great book on gear.


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