Tuesday, May 29, 2007

crocs - they've done it again

Well, I do believe that Crocs have come out with a shoe that is both comfortable and stylish (personally I think that most of them are pretty cute, but some would disagree with me).
Say hello to the Croc Prima.
Today I purchased the black ones and am quite pleased with both the look and the feel. They are just like most other slip on flats, but quite a bit more comfortable than most.

guess where I went today...

Lemon Lime Twist and Coconut were the two delicacies that Jamie and I made at Crave today.

Me - excited that I finally get Crave cupcakes. Hoorah!

Best cupcakes I've ever had. Just so sugary delicious.


Sights from my weekend off in Edmonton.


One of the better pictures I've taken in a long time.
AND one of the biggest rainbows I've ever seen. I now know why they say only fools chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It's because the rainbow doesn't have a stationary spot. I think I already knew this, but THIS particular rainbow was literally moving along side with us as we drove up the road to Three Hills, AB.
Absolutely spectacular.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Week 19

Ok so I couldn't decide which picture to post. The first one is me relaxing my stomach muscles and not an exact side profile. The second picture is me on a direct side profile and I don't remember if I was relaxing my stomach muscles.
I have popped and am now officially wearing maternity jeans.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


THIS is what I woke up to this morning.

What kind of normal city gets snow in May anyway?
And here I thought I was going to get a head start on my tan.
Just call me 'ole whitey.
No, actually, please don't.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I echo Beth's comment today (about herself), in that I have never been so emotionally invested in a tv relationship.
I am henceforth referring to the relationship between Jim & Pam from The Office. (Henceforth...that kinda reminds me of Dwight. Anyway.)
Two nights ago I dreamt about Pam & Jim. And I was Pam. Heartbroken over Jim not liking me. It was intense. Jamie was not so impressed.
There was much sobbing involved.
Last night I had a totally unrelated dream but Michael (the boss) from The Office was randomly one of the people in my dream.
I think I just needed closure. You see, I've been waiting since last Thursday to watch the season finale of The Office. I think I was going crazy.
Miraculously, Beth and I found the episode online to watch and we watched it all.
It was really good and I think I have my closure.
Until next season...

week 18

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I keep feeling the baby move! It's really cool now that I know what it feels like.
It's also like the baby is more real to me now.
It usually happens in the late afternoon or evening when I'm sitting still relaxing.
Oh and yesterday Jamie and I went to a 2nd hand book store and I got a ton of fun parenting books, advice books and 2 books on parenting philosophies that I'd like to read up on.
Now I have no excuse not to read.
PS I'm totally loving talking to young and old parents about babies, labour, parenting and all that good stuff.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

upset stomach

Oh and on Tuesday I had my first vomiting episode since being pregnant.
But I'm not sure what caused it. I had just eaten applesauce for breakfast and then on the drive over to Dawn & Eric's I started feeling nauseous. It didn't take long for me to empty my stomach into their toilet.
Man, I'm so glad I didn't have morning sickness.
I should check the expiry date on that applesauce.


Today I felt the baby move.
Beth, Tara, Amanda and I were on our way back from grocery shopping and I was sitting in the front seat. I'd been feeling a bit of pressure in the belly so when I felt this little poke-type of feeling I was taken aback. It wasn't a big feeling and I was pretty sure it wasn't gas (which is apparently what kicks/movements get mistaken for). I said to the girls, "I don't think that was gas."
Then I started to question the feeling and then I got another kick/movement.
Then another.
And I think I just got one more right now.
So that's pretty cool - I think I'm still second-guessing it...but what else could it be?
That's what I keep telling myself.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Today Jamie and I went to Banff with Dawn & Eric. It was so beautiful! I've been to Lake Louise before, but never Banff - the city/village.
Here are some pictures from our day.

Pic in Banff

Taken in Lake Minnewanka Park near Banff.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I have a low tolerance for long meetings. No matter how "good" they are, I am done by (at most) 2 hours in. I get antsy and tune out. My legs start bouncing and my mind wanders. I think about how nice it is outside (or how crappy the weather is) and how much I'd like to ___________ (fill in the blank).
I think this is where I can rely on my Birkman to back me up - my need for change is 97 out of 100.
I need change. Maybe I should allow myself to walk around the room, switch seats and try using different pens to take notes.
Basically I go crazy.

Week 17

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm crazy about...

I recently purchased Let it die and Open Season.
Both fantastic. If you like remixes, I highly recommend Open Season. It's got a bit of everything from piano solos to beats that will make you want to dance!

guess what I'm thinking about...?

Some of my high and lofty goals for my stay in Calgary are:
- to go to Crave
- to go to The Cheesecake Cafe
- to go to Banff
- to at least go and window shop in some cutesy, quaint shops
- to go to Marble Slab (I can't believe I still haven't gone yet!)

Yes. So...I'm either all about the food or the shopping. Well...I did say they were high and lofty goals, now didn't I?


I love our Canadian seasons. I think specifically Ontario seasons.
By the time the next season comes around I'm ready and excited for it and ready for the old season to be done. The one exception is summer. While I really love and enjoy fall, I absolutely adore summer and am always sad to see it go.
But...I don't need to think about that. It's not even officially summer, although I did get my first burn of the year - not a bad one...the "good" kind that always (for me) turn into a tan.
This burn was received at the Calgary zoo which was a lot of fun, albeit smaller than the Toronto zoo.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I literally popped over night!
Just kidding.
I tried on a fake belly at a store yesterday. Apparently it adds 4 months on to you.
Gosh I hope I look this good in 4 months! :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

kicks and feeling normal

So far (to answer many a person's inquiries) I have felt no kicks. I feel like it's way to early to feel a kick! But apparently any time now is within reason. Weird.
To be honest, I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. And here is my reasoning:
NOW...I feel more like myself than I did in my first trimester. In my first trimester there were things happening to my body that were very noticeable or painful or just weird feeling and of course, it was new news so I thought about it all the time.
But now I have my appetite back, a lot of my energy has come back and I feel more like myself. Sometimes I just forget. It's like I've just gotten a bit chubby or something.
Oh well...it's probably good not to be obsessed over it or anything.
Today is our day off...what will we do?
PS the baby doesn't like Jamie's mustache.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

leaving a legacy

Good weather is such a blessing.
For the past 2 days here in Calgary it's been sunny and gorgeous.
We've had rain, snow and now sun.
I prefer sun.
I thought for the first 5 days that I had gone to Vancouver and not Calgary - but now the weather seems to have redeemed itself. For that I am thankful.
Well, ultimately I am thankful to God.
Today (on an entirely different note) Jamie and I went to UChurch here in Calgary. It's a church that is held at the University of Calgary.
At first I was a bit skeptical. They sang the first song over and over for about...7-10 minutes. It's hard to tell after awhile.
Anyway, but they went on to other songs which I knew and appreciated. And then came the speaker. For me this is always a biggie. I can't handle wishy-washy speakers or theology. So I waited. The speaker was from out of town (Florida?) and actually spoke on Parenting and how children are a blessing from God (Psalm 127). I appreciated his talk and actually enjoyed reading Psalm 127 in context. I had read many times the first part of it which talks about how unless the Lord builds the house, those who labour work in vain. So I was familiar with that portion of it, but didn't realize that the end part talks about children and how the man who fills his "quiver" full of children is blessed. The speaker went on to talk about how the children we raise up are arrows in God's hand to be used to fight the enemy. He spoke about Sarah & Jonathan Edwards' children and the legacy they left. (They had 11 children! Jamie and I looked at each other at that point...phew!) He talked about how God is a God of many generations (the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) and how He intends to use not just one generation to accomplish His purposes but many generations.
It brought to mind how at work we say that we want to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. I thought about it - and continue to think about it - and I think that it is good for us to desire to help fulfill the Great Commission in this generation. We long to see the fulfillment of that. Now. It's a good thing that we want to see happen and be USED in the fulfillment of it.
I will continue to think upon that.
But at the end of the talk/sermon I was encouraged and inspired to think about what God is going to do, not just through my children, but my grand-children, great-grand children and so on.
I would like to post the list of the Edwards' legacy, but I can't find it anywhere online. I will try and find it and post it. It's inspiring.
To end off, after the speaker was done, another man from the church (a pastor? elder? things were a tad vague at this church) got up and shared for a bit. I was thankful that he spoke about couples and singles who couldn't or didn't have kids. He talked about the importance of having spiritual children and discipling and building into those younger in the church and the NEED for those older in the church to take part in raising up spiritual children.
I appreciated how he reached out to people in those situations. There is a place and a need for everyone in the church. Not everyone in the church is an elbow. Some are fingers, some are hips, some are stomachs.
Ok so this post is a bit rambly...but I appreciated the children talk this morning - it was good theology and a good reminder. I needed that.

week 16

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The only update I have is nothing new.
I'm just really really tired.
I just want/need (?) more sleep.
I'm really tired.
It's day 4 of project.
I don't know if I can do this.
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