Tuesday, May 8, 2007

kicks and feeling normal

So far (to answer many a person's inquiries) I have felt no kicks. I feel like it's way to early to feel a kick! But apparently any time now is within reason. Weird.
To be honest, I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. And here is my reasoning:
NOW...I feel more like myself than I did in my first trimester. In my first trimester there were things happening to my body that were very noticeable or painful or just weird feeling and of course, it was new news so I thought about it all the time.
But now I have my appetite back, a lot of my energy has come back and I feel more like myself. Sometimes I just forget. It's like I've just gotten a bit chubby or something.
Oh well...it's probably good not to be obsessed over it or anything.
Today is our day off...what will we do?
PS the baby doesn't like Jamie's mustache.


  1. Hey, maybe we should get a picture of Dad's moustache!!

  2. jamie has a moustache?


  3. Ew - moustache??? Guh-ross! It also feels to me (and i'm speaking from oodles of experience here) that a kick is too soon! TOO SOON!! Can't we just be allowed to enjoy (and get used to) this whole pregnancy thing?!? Does it HAVE to be progressing so fast?!? GOSH!


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