Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I literally popped over night!
Just kidding.
I tried on a fake belly at a store yesterday. Apparently it adds 4 months on to you.
Gosh I hope I look this good in 4 months! :D


  1. OK! My initial reaction was "OH MY GOSH, what the heck, maybe she lied about when she got pregnant!" But its pretty cool that the pregnancy store lets you put a pillow on your belly to see how you'll look. And just for the record, if you DO look like that in 4 months all I can say is "HOT MAMA!"

    p.s. dont scare me like that again

  2. Hey! She stole my comment! I was going to say "hot mama!!" :-)

  3. Haha...are we expecting quads?? In that case you'll need every crib in storage!!...very hot!

  4. Looking good!! What a great preview of how great you will look in 4 months!


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