Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was thinking that I miss reading.

I commit to spending less time on the computer and more time with my head in a book.

Books used to be how I spent most of my leisure time.

I used to receive more books than anything else for birthdays and Christmas until I got "into" clothes (probably grade 9?) and started asking for that instead.

I am looking for a good book. Or books! What books have you loved? Laughed over? Wept into?

I've got a few recommendations and I'm ready to pay off my library fines so I can actually take out books again. :)

Anything else I should consider? (I probably won't get around to most of these until March, but sometimes it's fun to plan ahead!)

food and fun

My brain is feeling rather mushy right now but I'm going to attempt to blog.
Today was Jen's baby shower. I personally think EVERY baby should be showered before (or after, whichever your preference) their entrance into the world.

*Happy Birth Day Birthday!*

This will be her third child. A girl. She'll be arriving on Super Bowl Sunday (1 week!). I can't wait! I'm so excited for Jen, her husband and their kids. What will baby Naomi be like? What will she look like? Will she look more like Elijah or Hannah? I pray she has a sweet spirit and is a great eater and sleeper for her Mommy. :)

So we threw Jen a shower. It was wonderful. Good food, good times with women I love and getting to meet some women that I often hear about from Jen. That was really cool.
The hard thing about where I'm at is that still exclusively breastfeeding Jude, I brought him with me. But trying to host, attend to a baby and enjoy people and food are all very had to do at the same time. Plus the fact that Jude completely REFUSED to nap for the ENTIRE DAY. But he was surprisingly well behaved. He definitely had a few meltdowns, but ... I'm actually quite impressed that he made it from 8:30am - 7pm with no nap.

But it made me a bit sad not to be able to stay later, talk longer and hang out with more people. I know that it's the stage I'm in, but part of me feels like life is whizzing past me and I am just reaching out trying to grasp what I can, but I know that so much is flying by and I'm just either not a part of it or not aware of it. And I want to be both!

I know I just need to remind myself that this stage of breastfeeding is quite short and there will be more showers and weddings and parties to attend to that I won't have to bring my babies to. And one day I'll be there. But for now I know that it's my job to treasure, hug and love on my babies. Because I have babies who are alive and healthy and so gosh-darn-cute!

This was a tad rambly...but I believe I did say that my brain was a bit mushy. So you were warned.

Some of the food we enjoyed at the shower today:

Shrimp Salad wraps I successfully made - they were delish!

Ridiculously adorable RED VELVET CUPCAKES made by our amazing downstairs neighbour, Emily!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Kid-friendly YouTube

While a lot of my bloggy friends post videos of cool new videos, indie rock music videos or the latest jazz guy playing acoustic, when I sit in front of YouTube with my 2 year old and 6 month old these are the kinds of videos I watch (these 2 are what have captivated my 2 year old for the past couple days):

Singing Hippo (you have to click on the link - I can't embed it)

And this:

Restaurant FAIL

On Tuesday our family plus our staff team (1 other couple and another male and female staff) went out to dinner at Jose's Noodle Factory (sort of a Tex Mex style restaurant).
Noah had been having an off day - not really eating much, starting to get sick, not listening but we went anyway because generally Noah is really good in restaurants.
It's obvious from the title of this entry where this story is going, but I'll just write it out anyway.
So we get to the restaurant and Noah sits in his highchair for all of 5.7 seconds and then he's done. At first he just walks around and visits the other staff at our table, but then he's crawling into other booths (no one is in them of course), crawling under tables, and then he starts doing his loud call - HELP MAMA! HELP DADDY! when he finds himself standing up on the booth "unable" to get back down (or probably unwilling).
At this point we have all ordered and have received our food and have just started to eat. Noah starts screaming and making a scene and I know it will continue for the rest of the meal (luckily Jude is doing amazing despite this being his cranky time of the day). At this point I've already taken him to the women's washroom and told him that the next time he screams we are going home.
So true to my word (I don't like to threaten unless I am willing to follow through) I have to ask the server to pack up my food and so Noah and I drive home.
I am frustrated.
We get home and I just let Noah play with his toys while I try to explain to him what happened.

"Noah. We are at home because you were not behaving properly for the restaurant."


"You screamed and ran around in the restaurant."


"You didn't listen to Mommy & Daddy."



I know that at this point that spanking is NOT the way to go, so I let it drop and when he brings up "Baby Jude" and Daddy being at the restaurant I just continue to say that we left because he wasn't obeying Mommy & Daddy and so we left because it's not okay to behave like that.

He gets an early (and much needed) bedtime and is asleep by the time Jamie, Jude and the rest of our staff team arrives to hang out for the rest of the evening.

I'm not sure what the lesson is, but I think I would do the same thing all over again if I could. I would have given him the opportunity to eat dinner with us, but he probably would still be unable to handle it and so I would have left with him again.'s always worth a try I think.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

nooks & crannies

Oh yes. Lately Noah has been drawn to nooks, crannies and all small spaces - like a moth is drawn to a flame. It's nuts. He's been hiding out in between our couch and chair and then the other day he had actually PUSHED the couch and was behind the couch. I've found him behind the toy box, behind the chair, under Jude's crib, crouching between the coffee table and the couch and many other small spaces.
It's a bit crazy but just goes to prove what I say about kids liking cozy spaces.
Pictures to come when I can grab my camera in time to capture Noah in a small space.

*A video is even better than a picture, right?*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why hello you little piece of cuteness!

Today I watched a bunch of old videos I had uploaded on Facebook with Noah sitting my lap watching them all.
I watched one that I took while we were in Chicago last March (?). I was astounded at how much Noah has grown! He's such a little boy now, where last March he was in the toddler stage with lots of squeals and grunts (to be honest, such a FUN age!).
Noah's currently suffering through a head cold and it's really hard to watch him sniffle and snort and barely be able to talk through all the mucous and phlegm. Poor fella. But I've been teaching him to blow his nose and now I just ask him if he needs a kleenex and he goes over and wipes it himself.
Jude is now sitting quite well! He eventually tilts to the side and falls over, but wow! We're there! I have a baby who can sit! He's squealing and grunting and "talking" and I wondered today with Jamie whether he was becoming a Mommy's boy. He's generally just happy to be held by SOMEONE - anyone! But it's clear that he's developing a stronger attachment with me as the days go by and he's more aware of who is holding him or taking care of him.
But it did warm my heart this morning as I was dropping them off at the PlayCare Center at the YMCA when "Miss Karla" got Jude out of his car seat he was all smiles for her and so excited for her to pick him up.
He's slept through the night (from bedtime at 7 'til morning is what I classify as sleeping through the night) a few nights now, but not consistently. I do have hope that full nights are on the way for good but for now I really can't complain. Generally he goes down at 7pm without a peep! And then up (if at all) around 4 or 5 for a quick feed and then back down 'til some time between 8 & 9! He's a sweet kiddo and I really can't complain.
There's so much to say and so many stories to tell...but for now I'll have to end with this quick update.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Speak well.

I am guilty of speaking without being articulate.

But I blame it on Mommy Brain.

Having two children that are 2 years of age and younger, I think I am allowed to be inarticulate.

For now.

Someone has discovered how to blow a raspberry...

Forward thinking...

The plan for this summer is that we will be kicking around here instead of going overseas. I'm a bit sad, but I guess there will be other years for that.
Recently I started thinking of all the things there are to do around here and how much fun it can be to be a tourist in your own city. So I think I'm going to start making a list and potentially planning/saving up for a few fun things we can do once the weather gets warmer (I know it's only January, folks, but this is going to get me through the next few months with at least a piece of my sanity intact.
So, without further ado, here are some things I want to do this summer:

streetcar museum - when we lived in the north end of Guelph we used to pass this place all the time on our drives into Toronto. It's off some side road (cuz we like to take the back roads and whip down them as fast as we can) and I always wondered about it. I googled it today and it looks like so much fun! They have working locomotives and for a 2.5 year old boy this will be like heaven! It will likely end up being an all-day type of trip I think!

The Toronto Zoo - we thought about visiting this past summer but I was so pregnant and then once Jude was born the rest of the summer just flew by! So I think this year Noah will enjoy it even more than he would have last summer and this will also be an all-day type of trip. We'll have to make it coincide with some sort of special price day as I know it's super expensive!
Maybe we'll do this!

The Donkey Sanctuary - We've been to this before, but the donkeys are so sweet and it's close by, not to mention it's free!

The Ostrich Farm - because ostriches are funny and I've never tried ostrich before.

Centre Island - We used to go here as kids and it's fun to ride the ferry and spend the day walking around the gardens and maybe even going into Centreville for a treat and a ride! But again, not this would be a special outing.

Spend a day at Rockwood beach - we were here last May and it was surprisingly a nice beach! I think there is a fee to get into the conservation area, but not too much I don't think and it's a close enough beach and good water area to get some sun action on a nice hot, day!

Picnic, Merry-go-round and train ride at Riverside Park - this is a nice park with a playground area as well as a fun little train that does a few circles around the park and a Merry-Go-Round. The tickets for these two rides don't cost much and it could make for a nice, simple outing with a little something special without having to cost too much! I know that during the summer there are often other events that happen at Riverside Park as well.

Go to Ribfest - I love Ribfest. I would eat ribs over wings ANY day of the week. Sure, they're messy, but when done well, they I think there's usually entertainment of some sort as well. It's fun that they have them all over the place now so we can easily just find out when the Guelph Ribfest is and make sure we make a point to visit!

Children's museum in Guelph - I've never been here or talked to anyone who has, but when things are free and child-friendly it's worth a look to see if it's a good activity for your kids!

Other things: have many, many BBQs in our backyard (and figure out how to get rid of all those pesky wasps!), go to the splash pads and wading pools in Guelph, take lots of trips to the park, fill the kiddie pool up every day and play in the sprinkler (can you tell I'm anticipating a hot summer?) and just really enjoy my summer!

How will YOU be a tourist in the city you live?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Mommy Moment #257

On Wednesdays Noah has a swimming lesson at the YMCA at 4pm. I figured after the boys had their naps we'd head over and I could get in a workout before the lesson. Of course this would be the day when Jude actually has a proper nap (ie longer than 40 mins) and he sleeps until 3!
So I feed Jude, get the boys ready and pack our bags and we're off to the Y.

I drop the boys off at the playcare center, have a quick 25 min run/walk and then pick up Noah and we go to the change room.

We both get changed into our bathing suits and the lesson goes well. Noah loves to jump off the side and play with all the pool toys. He's not a fan of doing floats and is getting better at kicking. He still thinks "blowing bubbles" means inhaling water. Not a good scene.

Anyway, so the lesson finishes and we head to the change room. I strip Noah down only to realize I forgot to pack him a diaper.
His previous diaper was wet and now in the garbage.


Well, I put on his pants (no undies, nothing!) and tell him if he has to pee that he should tell me. Then I let him play in the little "house" that is in the change room while I get changed. I get him out of the house only to see he has already peed in his pants.

Potty Training Fail.

I am glad I put on a dark pair of jeans on Noah today. We hustle out of the change room, pick up a very tired and cranky Jude and then go to the car. Noah shows some discomfort at the feeling of walking in wet jeans, but doesn't really seem to mind his current situation. I root through our "emergency" pack in the car and THANKFULLY find a diaper that fits him. I change his diaper on the drivers seat and we drive home. Him in his boots, diaper and winter jacket.
Oh well.

conversations in my house

Overheard today:

Jamie: Noah, who's a baby?
Noah: Jude.
Jamie: Who's a boy?
Noah: Noah!
Jamie: Is Jude a boy? Jude!
Jamie: Because he's BABY Jude!

Then a few minutes later:

Jamie: Noah, do you like babies?
Noah: YEAH!
Jamie: Who's your favourite baby?
Noah: Baby Jude!!!

Very cute. Jamie's habit of asking questions he already knows the answer to is coming in handy.

Cuteness overload

Um, have I mentioned lately how adorable my boys are?

I haven't?

Mkay. Here ya go:

Saturday, January 16, 2010

hair help

Yesterday and today I have been scouring our 2 external hard drives to find a specific picture of my lovely friend Tamsin who is getting married next year and who I am making a gift for. After hours of looking through random folders and extremely organized folders of pictures I realized that said picture was probably taken with film and is not on any computer any where. Boo.

BUT, in doing so I looked a LOT of pictures. Pictures of myself taken on my webcam in the search for the perfect profile pic for Facebook, MSN messenger (back in the day), blog profiles, etc. It made me realize that I have had a ton of different hair styles. As I've gained and lost and gained weight again different hair styles look better than others.
But I'm keeping my hair short for the next little while and I'll be getting it cut probably next month before my sister's wedding.
I'm thinking short. Sassy. Sexy. Something that will hide the fact that I just got through the post-pregnancy mass exodus of hair from my head. I've now got baby hairs sprouting up every which way. Boo. Again.
So...what should I do? And should I dye my hair!??! I haven't dyed my hair in YEARS. Like...since I got married? 5.5 years ago? Is it worth it? I like my natural hair colour. I have no greys (thank you good genes!) so it's not necessary right now. But will it add to the short sassy sexy hair cut?
My inspirations are Victoria Posh Beckham. She can rock a short hair cut. I am telling you!
Also, Katie Holmes. Or Kate Cruise. Whatever you're calling her. She is CUTE! And she's a Mom. Well, so is VB, but ... I dunno. Moving on...
Rhianna. My goodness she has some HAWT hair. It's edgy. Which I like.
Also, I cannot do a fringe. I tried that. My hair is too thin at the front of my head thanks to said mass exodus.
Here's what I've considered:

Cute, no? I am a fan of the angled bob. It's likely that is what I'll do unless I find something better.

Or the ever so cute and gorgeous Katie Holmes. LOVE.
She is beyond rocking the short hair. I love it.Or the lovely Rhianna. Edgy. And the uneven angled bob! I'm definitely liking that.
So. I need your help. Or at least your input. (Cuz I'll probably do what I want anyway...but new ideas are ALWAYS welcome.) What should I do?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Operation Breast Pump

Tonight was the first time I pumped breast milk since Jude has been born.

I attempted the whole pumping thing with Noah when he was only a couple months old. I used this lame, hand held pump that took F O R E V E R to get a piddly amount of milk. Not to mention the hand cramping! So I gave up on that and I think only pumped one other time when Noah was about 4 months old.

But there are so many things coming up for which I need to pump - namely my sister's wedding. I am the maid of honour and while I do hope to get in at least 2 morning feedings and hopefully one other one, I know that my main duty is to my sister that day and that we'll be taking pictures and bridesmaid dresses are not typically known for being breastfeeding friendly. And that's okay. But I do need to pump so that I don't inconvenience others and so Jude can be fed by someone else.


Operation Breast Pump.

So I borrowed a friend's electric breast pump (Thanks, Katt!) and it was okay. I didn't take long for me to figure it out and while it did take longer to get the milk out, there is no breast pump that is going to be as efficient as a baby.

But the thing is I have no idea how much milk Jude takes in each feeding. He only feeds from one side per feed and he's not a long feeder. Like, usually 5 minutes is the average time. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a bit more.

So I got about 4 oz and pumped for 20 minutes. We'll see. I think the whole pumping thing is a bit annoying because it's totally going to mess with my supply, but we'll see how it all goes and it'll be interesting to see Jude with a bottle since he's never had one at all! I don't imagine he'll have a hard time with it.

So my plan is to pump once a day and try out a bottle by the end of the week with Jude. Then if he takes it okay, I'll keep pumping and start storing up milk.

Now to research how much a 6-7 month old baby takes per feeding!


Lately Jude has been quite cranky. NOT his usual self.
Even the lady at the playcare center at the YMCA said he wasn't like he usually is.
Ever since...Sunday I guess he's been off. He had a slight fever on Monday and Tuesday and I wondered if he would get sick, but I think it's teething. No teeth are through yet, but I think they are on their way.
Noah never had fevers when he would teethe. So it was a bit of a shock when I felt Jude and he was QUITE warm. He got as warm as 38.1 degrees but nothing "major" in terms of what I was reading online (yes, I know. Wonderful place to get information about a sick child.) so I just continued to feed him throughout the night (ugh...when will he start sleeping through the night?) and hoped it would pass.
Well the fever has, but he is still quite cranky (for Jude, that is). Especially in the evenings. He's just so tired come 5 or 6pm and it's pretty rough. I know he needs to nap longer and I wonder if that will come once we introduce solids...we'll see I guess.

Speaking of solids, I did go out and buy 3 boxes of rice cereal and oat cereal and when I think about introducing solids and sleep habits I am starting to get more inclined to introduce solids, but I think for now we'll just wait and see.
He's DEFINITELY more interested in what we are eating and is very grabby-grabby at the table.

Oh and he's also still got a little cough and a stuffy nose. The stuffy nose has been going on for almost a month now! I don't know what to do about it. Could it be a winter thing?

Noah's dream

Tuesday night I told myself I would get to bed right after I fed Jude at 10:30pm. (That's early for me.)
At 10:20 I hear Noah start to cry softly. It gets louder so I go in to see what's up with the wee fellow.
He's calling "Daddy, Daddy" and then "Mama! Mama!" and when I go in he doesn't stop crying (unusual for him) and he still doesn't stop crying when I pick him up (even more unusual). He continues to cry and is getting quite worked up even as I hold him and rock him and sit with him in the rocking chair and pat his back. When I start singing his favourite songs he gets more worked up and continues to call for Mama.
I tell him that Mama is here and it's okay but this does nothing to console him. I'm starting to get a bit upset myself.
After about 10 minutes of this I'm realizing that he doesn't know who I am. He doesn't know that I am his Mama. By this time I'm in tears as I tell him it's okay, Mama's here. But telling him "Mama is here" and yet in his little mind, Mama is not holding him, only serves to agitate him further.
I take him into our bedroom (Jamie is out at this point in the evening) and he's looking around for "Mama". I look with him into the full length mirror we have on the wall and for a second I think he realizes, but then he looks around the room and starts saying, "Where Mama go? Where Mama go?" and is getting really upset.
It's so hard for me to see him like this!
Finally I get a brainwave and say, "What's my name?" (when he is calm but still looking for "Mama") and he says, "Emmy".
That is Emily. The girl who lives downstairs who he likes very much and she has watched him from time to time.
I can only guess that he was dreaming that Emily was watching him and when I came in to him, he may have been in some sort of lucid dream state (as he could actually SEE and identify things in his environment - for instance, a Buzz Lightyear toy he looked at and said, "oh! buzz!") and was convinced that I was Emily.
So I decide to tell him that "Mama is coming" and that calms him right down.
It was still really bizarre as he kept saying, "Mama! Open door! I hear Mama!"
Then I knew I needed to feed Jude and so I asked Noah if he wanted to lie in my bed or in his crib and of course he picked my bed. So I put him there and said that Mama needed to feed Jude and I would be right back.
Totally freaked out that he would fall down the stairs or do something "weird".
Well as soon as I had finished feeding Jude and walked out the door Noah was coming out of my bedroom with a ball in his hand. I think at this point he had "woken up" and we lay in bed and I prayed for him. Then I said, "Where's Mama?" and he looked up at me. And then I asked, "Where's Emily?" and he said, "Jude's room."
So weird. So Emily went INTO Jude's room and Mama came OUT. (in his mind maybe?)
It was pretty traumatic in general for me as I couldn't help him see that it was ME! That I was there, holding him, and trying to comfort him.

I wonder how often we ask God in the hard times, "God? Where are you? I need you NOW! You said you would always be there for me. Comforting me and supporting me. But where are you?" When all along He embraces us, lifts us up from out of the mire we're in and places our feet on solid ground.
And blindly we stumble until we "wake up" and realize God is the one holding us and comforting us and He's been there all along.

Anyway, so he calmed down and eventually fell asleep. It hasn't happened again for the past two nights and I pray it never does. That was rough.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've got a lot going on in the next couple months.
I was at a store the other day and purchased items for an engagement shower (an engagement party and bridal shower combined into one glorious event), a baby shower and a bachelorette party. I felt like telling the cashier that they were for different people but then felt silly for feeling like I needed to defend my purchases.

Here is what my life will look like over the next 2 months:
January 17th - bridal shower
January 22nd - Engagement Shower
January 23rd 10am - dress fitting
January 23rd 11am - wedding (but not for the one for which I am being fitted)
January 30th - bridal shower
January 31st - baby shower
February 6th - bachelorette party
February 13th - final dress fitting
February 14th - Valentine's Day - no idea if we'll celebrate or not
February 26th - rehersal dinner
February 27th - wedding


But I'm excited.
My lovely friend Tamsin (for whom I am throwing said Engagement Shower) said I was doing too much. Perhaps. But at least I don't feel overwhelmed by it.
But I think because I'm doing things that are fun for me for people I love dearly, it doesn't seem like something that puts pressure on me or weighs me down like a burden.
Plus it was an excuse to use up a few gift cards from Christmas to go shopping for new outfits!

new words

Newest word:

Pubboshow - "Puppet show"

Yesterday I cut out the Madagascar characters from Noah's advent calendar and taped them to spoons and spatulas and then I did a puppet show for Noah. This morning Noah came up to us saying, "Pubboshow! Pubboshow! Pubboshow!" and I couldn't figure out what he was asking and then it clicked - PUPPET SHOW. OOOoooh!

So now it's Puppet show central at the Stricklands.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm a happy Mama.
Tonight we went into TO for a wedding reception for a friend who got married in AB last weekend. We left Noah with my sister at my parent's house with a handful of instructions/hints and took Jude with us to the reception at our church.

I didn't know how Jude would do what with the reception starting at 5pm. 5pm=the witching hour. Jude's usually a bit of a fusspot during the hours of 5pm-6:45pm. Well, he did great! He was adorable, sweet, and charming. He didn't sleep (except for a short nap from 5:15-6:50ish) and he is still taking a bit of time to settle to sleep since getting home, but he was LOVING the attention and loving he got everyone at the reception.

Noah did really well for his "Auntie Bean" too! They played, he ate dinner and he went to bed easily for her. The only hitch was, when she realized she left her cell phone in the room he was sleeping in she snuck back in and he woke up and cried so she held him until he fell asleep on her. (So cute!)
Looks like he had fun, doesn't it?

Anyway, we had a lovely evening, chatted with some old friends from Jamie's high school and the fact that our boys did so well only served to make the night even more enjoyable.

Excuse me now as I reap the consequences of a 5 month old staying up 3.5 hrs past his bedtime.

Friday, January 8, 2010

words, words, words

More words and phrases from Noah:

Kep-chup (for ketchup)
King-koo (for thank you - he's started saying "king koo Mama" many times at each meal. It's quite sweet)

There was one more, but I've forgotten it.


Here I sit, weeping over a 6 minute video. See if you don't feel inspired and full of hope when you come to the end of it.

Expression of Anger

This morning Noah woke up at 6am.
Not cool.
His usual wake up time is between 7:30 and 8 so this was highly unusual for him.
I got up and went in to him and helped him get all comfy again and told him it was still nighttime and that he had to go back to sleep.
Then I left.
Then he screamed.
He was so angry!

And THEN...


He started screaming, "I KILL YOU MAMA!"
I think my jaw dropped.

"Did he just say, 'I kill you Mama'?"

Jamie said, "Yup. Sounds like it."

I credit his good friend Elijah (you did warn me, Jen!) with this new expression of anger.

It only lasted 5 minutes and then he fell back asleep until 7:45.

And he woke up happy as can be with no memory of his death threat against me.
Oh boys.
I guess I have more of this killing and death talk in my future - especially with 2 boys.


Aaaaand we're good.
Yesterday I woke up and felt dizzy and nauseous all morning. Oh no. Oh.No.You.Did.Int.
I don't think having another baby so soon would be such a great idea. But I said, "Okay God...if this is what you want, we'll love and welcome this baby."
So I bought a pregnancy test last night to take this morning (cuz you're supposed to take it in the morning for best results or something).
Slept in ('til like 9:15! Woot!) got and fed the baby (cuz he was just lying in his crib wide awake and happy as a lark) and then took the test.
According to that test there will be no new Strickland in 9 months from now.
Jamie was sad.
We do want more...just maybe not with a 14 month age gap between #2 and #3!
Crisis over.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no more buzz cuts

Our latest Noah adventure was trying to cut his hair with the clippers.
I think it's possible that we are all scarred for life because of that hair-raising ( BAD is that pun?) fiasco.
I literally had to pin him straight up into his highchair and hold his hands down in the kitchen while Jamie buzzed his head.
Initially it was me who started out with the clippers but I think it pulled his hair and so "it hurt" (as he likes to say) and he was determined to make the entire experience one gigantic scream-fest.
So Jamie took over and the poor kiddo had tears streaming down his face - he did NOT want a "buzz cut". It's still a teeny bit choppy in spots but later on I made it a game with the scissors of us saying, "Snip snip" as I tried to cut some of the longer hair, but for my sister's wedding in a month and a bit we'll have to approach it a different way.
Now he says that he doesn't want a buzz cut but he'll take a "Pooh cut" next time.
You make the connection.
I did consider stopping but then I looked at my son and there was no way he could have half a hair cut. And going to the hairdressers wasn't going to be any better of a situation so we persevered.
I'll probably go and get a better set of clippers and put Winnie the Pooh stickers all over it or something.

Stream lining

There's a million and one thoughts floating around my head right now. They will slowly become blog entries. But not today.
Today I will be combining Noah's, Jude's and my blogs into this one blog; Strickly Speaking. For all things to do with my life as a wife, mother and woman. My loves, my passions, my stories, my adventures (for I hope to have many) will all mostly be shared here. Mainly for me. But if you decide to read along too, I welcome you with a big smile and a virtual cuppa.

Welcome to Strickly Speaking!

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