Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I'm a happy Mama.
Tonight we went into TO for a wedding reception for a friend who got married in AB last weekend. We left Noah with my sister at my parent's house with a handful of instructions/hints and took Jude with us to the reception at our church.

I didn't know how Jude would do what with the reception starting at 5pm. 5pm=the witching hour. Jude's usually a bit of a fusspot during the hours of 5pm-6:45pm. Well, he did great! He was adorable, sweet, and charming. He didn't sleep (except for a short nap from 5:15-6:50ish) and he is still taking a bit of time to settle to sleep since getting home, but he was LOVING the attention and loving he got everyone at the reception.

Noah did really well for his "Auntie Bean" too! They played, he ate dinner and he went to bed easily for her. The only hitch was, when she realized she left her cell phone in the room he was sleeping in she snuck back in and he woke up and cried so she held him until he fell asleep on her. (So cute!)
Looks like he had fun, doesn't it?

Anyway, we had a lovely evening, chatted with some old friends from Jamie's high school and the fact that our boys did so well only served to make the night even more enjoyable.

Excuse me now as I reap the consequences of a 5 month old staying up 3.5 hrs past his bedtime.

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