Thursday, January 14, 2010

Operation Breast Pump

Tonight was the first time I pumped breast milk since Jude has been born.

I attempted the whole pumping thing with Noah when he was only a couple months old. I used this lame, hand held pump that took F O R E V E R to get a piddly amount of milk. Not to mention the hand cramping! So I gave up on that and I think only pumped one other time when Noah was about 4 months old.

But there are so many things coming up for which I need to pump - namely my sister's wedding. I am the maid of honour and while I do hope to get in at least 2 morning feedings and hopefully one other one, I know that my main duty is to my sister that day and that we'll be taking pictures and bridesmaid dresses are not typically known for being breastfeeding friendly. And that's okay. But I do need to pump so that I don't inconvenience others and so Jude can be fed by someone else.


Operation Breast Pump.

So I borrowed a friend's electric breast pump (Thanks, Katt!) and it was okay. I didn't take long for me to figure it out and while it did take longer to get the milk out, there is no breast pump that is going to be as efficient as a baby.

But the thing is I have no idea how much milk Jude takes in each feeding. He only feeds from one side per feed and he's not a long feeder. Like, usually 5 minutes is the average time. Sometimes a little less, sometimes a bit more.

So I got about 4 oz and pumped for 20 minutes. We'll see. I think the whole pumping thing is a bit annoying because it's totally going to mess with my supply, but we'll see how it all goes and it'll be interesting to see Jude with a bottle since he's never had one at all! I don't imagine he'll have a hard time with it.

So my plan is to pump once a day and try out a bottle by the end of the week with Jude. Then if he takes it okay, I'll keep pumping and start storing up milk.

Now to research how much a 6-7 month old baby takes per feeding!


  1. Vanessa,

    My books all said 6-8 oz at this stage, 3-5 times a day... I always found that Calli was on the lower scale (6oz or less) and she could polish a bottle off in 5-7 min. but was eating a lot of solid food by the time she was Jude's age. Like you said, you will have to play it by ear.... Calli would and still will either push the bottle away when is done, or start playing around with the bottle and sucking really slowly.

    I hope all goes well with pumping! I found it tricky too. :)


  2. oh the joys of pumping! i've had much experience...mainly with Zoe. electric pumps are way better than those hand held ones. (YUCK) it's best to pump in the morning - as your supply is most plentiful and you'll get way more. i pumped about 8 oz yesterday morning but Eli only took about 5. they'll drink less with a bottle than they will from you,typically. from my experience, Zoe never took more than 5 oz at one sitting (before solid food and after, too). but i guess you'll have to test it out with Jude and see how it goes.

    i can't believe all the things you're doing in the next little while. so many good things but wow! you are brave to do all of that with two young kiddos. way to go!

    love ya!

  3. I wish you well! I have never pumped. I wouldn't know what to do!


  4. I'm ssoo planning on buying an electric pump!! i also have an hand held one and i HATE it!!!!

    Milo, who is a big boy like Jude, takes 7-8 onces when i do manage to take the time to pump. Sometimes i would rather cancel a baby free afternoon coffee with friends than taking the time to pump.. i know, i shouldn't do that but, sometimes it's hard to plan ahead...but i see that that's what you do!!! way to go Vanessa!!!
    i LOOOVE your blog! it inspired me to have one and it inspires me to keep it up and running!!

    Big Love

  5. Thanks guys!
    And thanks Elle! I briefly checked out your blog recently. You've got a cute kiddo! :) (if only I understood french more than the basics - :D).
    yeah. So far I've been pumping once a day. Well, yesterday got skipped because I forgot. But this week I'll be trying to pumped once a day. So far I haven't noticed a drastic change in my supply. I wouldn't do it with a manual pump.

  6. I'm an avid pro-breastfeeder and have done so for all four of you! But never pumped except easily by hand! so go easy on yourself and give a bottle of formula! At this stage of the game, you don't want to be LEAKING during any of your events due to extra production! and it's not gonna kill either of you (please give it a try) to use a good formula once or twice. The breastmilk is a great backup but not crucial for feeding at this stage....who needs the stress??
    Take care of yourself too!

  7. wow. I know nothing about this. I will need your help to understand the absurdity or breast feeding and breast pumps when the time comes. :)


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