Thursday, January 21, 2010

Forward thinking...

The plan for this summer is that we will be kicking around here instead of going overseas. I'm a bit sad, but I guess there will be other years for that.
Recently I started thinking of all the things there are to do around here and how much fun it can be to be a tourist in your own city. So I think I'm going to start making a list and potentially planning/saving up for a few fun things we can do once the weather gets warmer (I know it's only January, folks, but this is going to get me through the next few months with at least a piece of my sanity intact.
So, without further ado, here are some things I want to do this summer:

streetcar museum - when we lived in the north end of Guelph we used to pass this place all the time on our drives into Toronto. It's off some side road (cuz we like to take the back roads and whip down them as fast as we can) and I always wondered about it. I googled it today and it looks like so much fun! They have working locomotives and for a 2.5 year old boy this will be like heaven! It will likely end up being an all-day type of trip I think!

The Toronto Zoo - we thought about visiting this past summer but I was so pregnant and then once Jude was born the rest of the summer just flew by! So I think this year Noah will enjoy it even more than he would have last summer and this will also be an all-day type of trip. We'll have to make it coincide with some sort of special price day as I know it's super expensive!
Maybe we'll do this!

The Donkey Sanctuary - We've been to this before, but the donkeys are so sweet and it's close by, not to mention it's free!

The Ostrich Farm - because ostriches are funny and I've never tried ostrich before.

Centre Island - We used to go here as kids and it's fun to ride the ferry and spend the day walking around the gardens and maybe even going into Centreville for a treat and a ride! But again, not this would be a special outing.

Spend a day at Rockwood beach - we were here last May and it was surprisingly a nice beach! I think there is a fee to get into the conservation area, but not too much I don't think and it's a close enough beach and good water area to get some sun action on a nice hot, day!

Picnic, Merry-go-round and train ride at Riverside Park - this is a nice park with a playground area as well as a fun little train that does a few circles around the park and a Merry-Go-Round. The tickets for these two rides don't cost much and it could make for a nice, simple outing with a little something special without having to cost too much! I know that during the summer there are often other events that happen at Riverside Park as well.

Go to Ribfest - I love Ribfest. I would eat ribs over wings ANY day of the week. Sure, they're messy, but when done well, they I think there's usually entertainment of some sort as well. It's fun that they have them all over the place now so we can easily just find out when the Guelph Ribfest is and make sure we make a point to visit!

Children's museum in Guelph - I've never been here or talked to anyone who has, but when things are free and child-friendly it's worth a look to see if it's a good activity for your kids!

Other things: have many, many BBQs in our backyard (and figure out how to get rid of all those pesky wasps!), go to the splash pads and wading pools in Guelph, take lots of trips to the park, fill the kiddie pool up every day and play in the sprinkler (can you tell I'm anticipating a hot summer?) and just really enjoy my summer!

How will YOU be a tourist in the city you live?


  1. come to the zoo with YOU!!! haha!

  2. so fun. Great list!

    I want to go to the Farmer's market on Saturday. I've yet to go yet but it's so lovely and doubles as something I like to do when I'm a tourist in another city.

  3. DONKEY SANCTUARY! wooo hooo! Remember Paco?

  4. I didn't realize you were in Canada! Cool!

    Since we just moved here last July we have A LOT of exploring to do this coming Summer. There's not a TON to do here but if we can do it, we'll find it!

    Great idea to think ahead!


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