Saturday, January 16, 2010

hair help

Yesterday and today I have been scouring our 2 external hard drives to find a specific picture of my lovely friend Tamsin who is getting married next year and who I am making a gift for. After hours of looking through random folders and extremely organized folders of pictures I realized that said picture was probably taken with film and is not on any computer any where. Boo.

BUT, in doing so I looked a LOT of pictures. Pictures of myself taken on my webcam in the search for the perfect profile pic for Facebook, MSN messenger (back in the day), blog profiles, etc. It made me realize that I have had a ton of different hair styles. As I've gained and lost and gained weight again different hair styles look better than others.
But I'm keeping my hair short for the next little while and I'll be getting it cut probably next month before my sister's wedding.
I'm thinking short. Sassy. Sexy. Something that will hide the fact that I just got through the post-pregnancy mass exodus of hair from my head. I've now got baby hairs sprouting up every which way. Boo. Again.
So...what should I do? And should I dye my hair!??! I haven't dyed my hair in YEARS. Like...since I got married? 5.5 years ago? Is it worth it? I like my natural hair colour. I have no greys (thank you good genes!) so it's not necessary right now. But will it add to the short sassy sexy hair cut?
My inspirations are Victoria Posh Beckham. She can rock a short hair cut. I am telling you!
Also, Katie Holmes. Or Kate Cruise. Whatever you're calling her. She is CUTE! And she's a Mom. Well, so is VB, but ... I dunno. Moving on...
Rhianna. My goodness she has some HAWT hair. It's edgy. Which I like.
Also, I cannot do a fringe. I tried that. My hair is too thin at the front of my head thanks to said mass exodus.
Here's what I've considered:

Cute, no? I am a fan of the angled bob. It's likely that is what I'll do unless I find something better.

Or the ever so cute and gorgeous Katie Holmes. LOVE.
She is beyond rocking the short hair. I love it.Or the lovely Rhianna. Edgy. And the uneven angled bob! I'm definitely liking that.
So. I need your help. Or at least your input. (Cuz I'll probably do what I want anyway...but new ideas are ALWAYS welcome.) What should I do?


  1. Ok, please just tell me you're going to someone good. I'm sure you are if you are used to having short hair, it's just that I didn't know how little forgiveness short hairstyles have when I WENT TO GREAT CLIPS with a printed photo of Katie Holmes.

    Please, please don't relive what I went through:

    Other than that, though, I vote for the sexy angled bob a la Posh Spice. Or whatever her name is now.

  2. O Dear! I just read your post. That is tragic. I am a convert of paying good $ (not an exorborant amount, just to a good place with people who are REALLY good hair dressers) to get a good haircut. I had found a GREAT place downtown (before I had just gone anywhere to anyone. Then I met Nikki and loved her. My eyes were opened to the value of a hair dresser who knows you, your style and your hair!) where I live and then I moved to the other end of the city (not a big city though) and there was a place literally around the corner. I started hearing rave reviews about this place so I tried it out. I LOVED IT. I never did do the "hair dresser break up". So I found my "new girl" :) and she totally gets me (aka I did NOT want a "Mom cut").
    Anyway...thanks for the vote! :)

  3. I think the katie holmes do is most you!
    I did the "asymmetrical bob" that rihanna and vb were sporting but it's a lot of work. you need to straightenj it daily, even if your hair is straight (which mine is), it's got to be pin straight or it looks like a reverse mullet. think about it!!

  4. i vote for the angled bob. possibly assymetrical. I think you could do it, and i love a bob with just a hint of flip, which i think you'd get.

    dooooooooooo it.

  5. @Emily - I think the Katie Holmes one is most me as well. Perhaps that's why I want something MORE. I want a bit more "sass" than is usually thought of when I think of "me". But we'll see.
    @Beth - I know. When I saw the assymetrical (thank you for the word - could NOT remember that word for the life of me, hence my word "Uneven") angled bob I thought - oh my. Now THAT is Sass. I want that.
    :p We'll see.

  6. I think Katie Holmes is the most you as well! Make sure you take a picture of yourself so we can see. And Yes i think you should dye it for fun. I am too lazy to maintain serious roots so I always just get it highlighted. Plus I got all the bottom half of my hair dyed a totally different bold color which was fun! and no roots that you will see...that's the beauty of it.

  7. I think I like Victoria's doo for you... although I'm thinking about maintenance for all three and wondering if Katie's is the easiest to style. I dunno I just think a nice fresh hair cut needs to be do-able you know? I don't know these things though because I've never had my hair that short but I just imagine it would take lots of work if it's got lots of layers and volume action.

  8. Angled bob...Posh style. you can definitely pull it off well and it has the "sass" factor and is very chic. As for dying it, my vote is no. Keep your natural hair color as long as you can - why process it when you have a beautiful color and your hair is healthy? There will be plenty of years ahead when you will "need" to dye your hair. Why dry it out and make it brittle from now? Just my thoughts. You're beautiful any way you cut your hair or whatever color it is. But you are most beautiful on the inside anyway.

  9. @Mindy - I'll definitely take a picture. Probably even a before and after! I've also thought about doing the whole dying the under part of my hair. My hair dresser suggested this last time I went in when I asked her if I were to do something what should I do...
    @Suz - with my hair, the shorter it is, the less work it is. The length it's at now takes more work than if it were a couple inches shorter for some reason.
    @Mel - Yeah. I'm thinking the angled bob. Although last night I lay in bed thinking about the assymetrical angled bob...crazy. Not sure if I'll go for it or not. :) And you're right. I'll probably keep my hair colour...I straightened it the other day and realized how much I really do like my natural hair colour. So we'll see. :)

  10. and this just in, I think I'M getting the katie holmes 'do because i've been so inspired... though my husband loves long hair... we'll see how much bargaining I can do with him.

  11. Go with the Robert Pattinson.

    Besides, I think I may be going with the Posh look and I don't want to have to compete with you.

  12. What did you decide? curious minds want to know. :)

  13. Well, the big cut is tomorrow. I am still undecided. But I will consult with my hair dresser and I am leaning towards angled bob. I LIKE the assymetrical bob, but ... we shall see.
    Pics to come tomorrow (probably)!


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