Friday, January 8, 2010

Expression of Anger

This morning Noah woke up at 6am.
Not cool.
His usual wake up time is between 7:30 and 8 so this was highly unusual for him.
I got up and went in to him and helped him get all comfy again and told him it was still nighttime and that he had to go back to sleep.
Then I left.
Then he screamed.
He was so angry!

And THEN...


He started screaming, "I KILL YOU MAMA!"
I think my jaw dropped.

"Did he just say, 'I kill you Mama'?"

Jamie said, "Yup. Sounds like it."

I credit his good friend Elijah (you did warn me, Jen!) with this new expression of anger.

It only lasted 5 minutes and then he fell back asleep until 7:45.

And he woke up happy as can be with no memory of his death threat against me.
Oh boys.
I guess I have more of this killing and death talk in my future - especially with 2 boys.

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  1. oh dear! shocking just to read that, let alone hear it from your little one! i'm sure with my little emotional drama queen girl it will one day take the form of "i HATE YOU" which itself will do me in. ah, motherhood...the joys, the sorrows...the perspective needed to move beyond the emotional outbursts of our little ones and not take it too personally!


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