Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Mommy Moment #257

On Wednesdays Noah has a swimming lesson at the YMCA at 4pm. I figured after the boys had their naps we'd head over and I could get in a workout before the lesson. Of course this would be the day when Jude actually has a proper nap (ie longer than 40 mins) and he sleeps until 3!
So I feed Jude, get the boys ready and pack our bags and we're off to the Y.

I drop the boys off at the playcare center, have a quick 25 min run/walk and then pick up Noah and we go to the change room.

We both get changed into our bathing suits and the lesson goes well. Noah loves to jump off the side and play with all the pool toys. He's not a fan of doing floats and is getting better at kicking. He still thinks "blowing bubbles" means inhaling water. Not a good scene.

Anyway, so the lesson finishes and we head to the change room. I strip Noah down only to realize I forgot to pack him a diaper.
His previous diaper was wet and now in the garbage.


Well, I put on his pants (no undies, nothing!) and tell him if he has to pee that he should tell me. Then I let him play in the little "house" that is in the change room while I get changed. I get him out of the house only to see he has already peed in his pants.

Potty Training Fail.

I am glad I put on a dark pair of jeans on Noah today. We hustle out of the change room, pick up a very tired and cranky Jude and then go to the car. Noah shows some discomfort at the feeling of walking in wet jeans, but doesn't really seem to mind his current situation. I root through our "emergency" pack in the car and THANKFULLY find a diaper that fits him. I change his diaper on the drivers seat and we drive home. Him in his boots, diaper and winter jacket.
Oh well.


  1. awww at least he's young enough not to know haha too funny picturing him in winter gear and a diaper :P

  2. least it wasn't pooey! And you did manage to get your workout too:)

  3. oops lol! one of those moments to look back and giggle at :D

  4. I totally saw this story ending differently....I thought you were going to say that after Noah's swimming lesson, you forgot to pick up Jude from the playcare centre and drove home before realizing you had forgotten him....I'm glad you didn't do that!


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