Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've got a lot going on in the next couple months.
I was at a store the other day and purchased items for an engagement shower (an engagement party and bridal shower combined into one glorious event), a baby shower and a bachelorette party. I felt like telling the cashier that they were for different people but then felt silly for feeling like I needed to defend my purchases.

Here is what my life will look like over the next 2 months:
January 17th - bridal shower
January 22nd - Engagement Shower
January 23rd 10am - dress fitting
January 23rd 11am - wedding (but not for the one for which I am being fitted)
January 30th - bridal shower
January 31st - baby shower
February 6th - bachelorette party
February 13th - final dress fitting
February 14th - Valentine's Day - no idea if we'll celebrate or not
February 26th - rehersal dinner
February 27th - wedding


But I'm excited.
My lovely friend Tamsin (for whom I am throwing said Engagement Shower) said I was doing too much. Perhaps. But at least I don't feel overwhelmed by it.
But I think because I'm doing things that are fun for me for people I love dearly, it doesn't seem like something that puts pressure on me or weighs me down like a burden.
Plus it was an excuse to use up a few gift cards from Christmas to go shopping for new outfits!

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  1. And one more small birthday! but even I will forget about it if you will!! If I could just get someone else to walk Bear and get me coffee in bed.....


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