Thursday, January 23, 2014

doctor's office

Last week while Jamie was away I thought it would be a good idea to take all three boys to the doctor's office and then navigate the older two getting booster shots. Yeah, it was about as awesome as you can imagine.

On the upside, I almost hit two pedestrians crossing the road on the way home because the sun was glaring right into my eyes. Oh wait, that was supposed to be an upside. Well, I didn't hit them. So there's that.
Okay the real upside is that Blaise managed to charm absolutely everyone in the doctor's office and get smiles out of everyone - big and smile. I mean small.

We had to go back to the doctor yesterday to get some meds for a brutal cough that Noah's had for the past two weeks. Hoping it clears up. Blaise was at it again with the other patients in the waiting room. He walked right up to a teenage boy and pointed to his pants. The boy was a bit surprised at first, but then smiled and engaged with Blaise. It was quite sweet.

I'm always thankful for the opportunity my kids give me to interact freely with strangers. But I'm definitely not winning the Super Mom Award for my behaviour and attitude this week. I've yelled more and sighed more and muttered things under my breath and it hasn't been pretty.
I blast worship music in the car when the whining and bickering threatens my sanity and I pray that the words will seep deep down into my soul and I will find peace in the madness. That God will be merciful to me and give me His love to love these gifts that He's given me. My children.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

all I have is Christ

Yesterday afternoon our dear friend Andrew finally ended his battle with Leukemia and went to be with Jesus.

I don't have words. I am not a wise person full of insight and poignant words. I can cry and I can bake. And I can listen to this song over and over and over again.

Continue to pray for our friend Suz {Andrew's wife} and her two sons, Jacob and Daniel.

Friday, January 3, 2014

January THREE {2014!}

It's a new year and I'm still taking pictures on the third!  Blaise is always, always busy, moving, doing, getting into trouble. He can pull himself up onto the dining room chair and then climb onto the table from there. It's pretty intense. He learned how to say "NO!" this week. Which is awesome. Right? Uh. Yeah.
He's my pickiest eater yet. I never know what he will or won't eat. Except sugar. He will always eat cookies, cake, chocolate or anything else he somehow just knows is full of the good white stuff.
He's my hitter. My scratcher. People, it's not easy having the rough kid. We were at a friends' house on New Years Eve and I had to follow Blaise around to make sure he wasn't hurting the two other babies there. The kid is a bruiser, I tell ya.

Jude. Still marching to the beat of his own drum. Or the toot of the horn. Whichever. He's had a major case of the whines this last week which is driving me bonkers and yet he's still so adorable with his floppy hair and squinchy eyes and belly laugh. I love the kid, but he certainly knows how to push my buttons. He got his beloved "big rocket!" for Christmas which he and Noah have been loving playing with all week. He hates the cold and would rather be playing inside than outside in the cold although he does oblige Noah {who incidentally loves the snow!} and will bundle up and go sledding or shovel the driveway.

My first born, Noah. I love him so but we have been butting heads recently. He's so sweet and tenderhearted, though. He usually helps around the house, willingly {though often needing a reminder} cleans up the toys, even if it wasn't his mess and is slowly learning to read. We have totally slacked in helping him with "homework" this holiday and I need to get on that. It's hard finding time to hunker down and do school work over the holiday with three kids. And it's a holiday so I want to let him watch tv and play with toys and go outside and not have to always do school stuff. I'm so motivated by education, can you tell? Ha.
Anyway, we'll put in a decent effort in the eleventh hour, I'm sure.

So this is the new year and I won't make any resolutions {I've never been the type}, but I will make lists and dream dreams and have hopes and as always, I don't want this year to just breeze by. I'm making it count and living it to the fullest that I can.
Happy New Year!

Every month I take pictures of my boys on the third. You can see past months here
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