Friday, October 25, 2013

Noah's 6th

Dear Noah,

You are 6 years old. Six! You are funny and smart and tender-hearted and likeable and curious and feisty and I love you more than I really could ever express.

This year has not been easy but it's been oh-so-amazing. I've watched you conquer fears, experience transition, become a big brother for the second time, move back to Canada and start school for the first time. You're learning to read and do math. You're making friends and it does my Mama-heart so good to hear friends calling after you. You are loved and it seems obvious to me why. You are kind-hearted. You care for others and that draws people to you.

You like being silly. Whether it's having a dance party or making up jokes, you love it. You can dance with the best of them and both your brothers look to you for the best moves.

And as for being a big brother - you are totally rocking that role. Seriously, kiddo. You are such a fantastic big brother. I always wanted a big brother and you're exactly the kind I would have wanted. You are funny and sweet and helpful and loving. You selflessly give up the toy or food or position you wanted for Jude or Blaise. You're not perfect and you definitely have the skill of knowing just the right buttons to push on Jude {and in a quiet, subtle way a-la-classic-eldest-child} but I have seen you time and time again give up what you wanted - whether it's out of the kindness of your heart or because you really don't want to have to deal with Jude throwing a tantrum, you still do it.

And I love you for that.

You and I have butt heads on more than one occasion. You are strong. And stubborn. You can thank me for that some day.

But I trust and pray that your strength will not blind you to your need for Jesus. That you aren't meant to struggle through this life on your own strength, but that Jesus came for you. To walk with you through this life. That you need him and that He loves you so incredibly much. He made you, He cares for you and He's going to use you. You just have to let him.

I am so proud and honoured and blessed to be your Mama. You have taught me more in these last 6 years than I could have ever imagined and I can't wait to see where the next 6 years take us both!

I love you,

Friday, October 18, 2013

make ya smile Friday!

Last night I was up until 1am but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.
Know why? {I reminded myself of Jude right there.}
I removed the last piece of that wretched, wretched textured wallpaper from our hallway! Self five! 
And this morning I painted one of the walls in the boys' bedroom this morning! While I was taking a breakfast break I came across this video on Facebook {sorry about the cussing in the status. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it.}.
Consider your day, made.

Happy Friday everyone!

*edited to add this full-length video minus the cussing Facebook status. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a recounting of our weekend seasoned with sarcasm

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. We made it through the long weekend. It was long. And full. And crazy. And fun. But I'm kinda glad it's done.

It was my sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday {rehearsal on Friday night} and our whole family was in the wedding party and Thanksgiving on Sunday and then we installed new floors on Monday. Ridonc.

I don't have any tips on doing stuff like this.
Jude drew on Blaise's face with blue marker on Friday. It eventually came off, but it wasn't a washable marker so I had a moment of panic. Then he {Jude} got stung by a bee on his pinky finger. Friday was pretty awesome.
We didn't do the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and opted to leave right after to get home and sleep in our own beds before the big wedding day. Jude threw up seconds after arriving home. Yeah, that happened.
Noah fell down the church steps moments before the processional and then refused to walk down the aisle.
I made little fun bags for the boys to open during the ceremony and promptly forgot them in the car. So that was useful.
Jamie and I had many moments where we just looked at each other with wild, harried looks in our eyes wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into.
But the wedding was beautiful, the weather was absolutely perfect and we definitely had fun and enjoyed ourselves. It was hilarious and adorable to watch our boys tear up the dance floor. They loved pulling out the dance moves, sneaking candy from the candy table and taking hilarious pictures in the photo booth.

Sunday was fun and family and food. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Sunday night my brother Curtis slept over so that on Monday he could help us install our new floors in our living/dining room. He's a freakin' superstar. And our floors look so good. They almost make me giddy.

This morning I realized Noah had no pants to wear that were clean and threw in the jeans I had forgotten to dry into the dryer this morning in hopes that they would dry before school. {They did. Whew.} Jamie walked Noah up to the bus stop and came back and said, "So today was picture day." Hashtag face palm.
I just hope he didn't have yogurt smeared all over his face.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

more fall pictures. and random thoughts.

I seriously can't get enough of fall.

I'm pretty repetitive these days. I'm sorry.

Yesterday I pretty much lay in bed as much as I could. {I got hit Sunday night with a brutal head cold.} I missed the boys' bus so had to drive them into school. After dropping them off, I was unbuckling Blaise's seatbelt and a gust of wind blew by and I swear I smelled winter. It was crazy. It stopped me dead in my tracks and the thought that I haven't had a Canadian winter for two years woke me up from my head-cold induced fogginess.
So you'll excuse me a bit if I wax poetic {again} about how amazing autumn is.
Won't you?

My Mom came over today to help me with the boys - thankfully I didn't feel so Sicky McSickster today and actually got a few things done like folding laundry and eating food accomplished. We ended up going for an epic walk in the Guelph Arboretum. It's lovely there.

I saw this tree with the sun streaming in behind it and I almost cried with the beauty. It was absolute perfection.

I have a pie pumpkin waiting to be cooked and turned into pumpkiny deliciousness. Tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago I made these pumpkin energy balls. My boys went bonkers for them. Absolute bonkers. I recommend sticking them in your freezer and eating them cold. It's like a piece of cold pumpkin pie!

And now I have a new kitchen light fixture just waiting to be installed. If only I could get one for my dining room now. {As in, there is currently no light fixture in my dining room.} Oh Ikea. Why don't you have any of the things I want in stock? {Also related: Are you in cahoots with my husband?}

Also what is it with schools and fifty bajillion fund raisers? I'm so not on board with this part of being a school mom and I guess I need to figure out how to get on board. Or something.

Aaaand, this weekend my sister in law is getting married and we're all in the wedding party. Yup. The whole fam damily. So my brain has mostly stopped functioning. I am a list making maniac because I honestly cannot remember and will not remember everything I/we will need for the day without my precious lists. I am so excited for her and her fiance. But weddings in which I or any of my family are involved in take a ridiculous amount of thought and planning. *deep breath*

Here we go!

Hello gigantic leaf. You are awesome. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

october THREE

It's still the third! I missed last month. But I'm getting my blog groove back {I think}.

These boys...

I love them so. This morning was a weird one. Jude slept 'til 8. I felt groggy the whole day. And me, Blaise and Jude stayed in our pajamas until we had to go pick up Noah from school {since he takes the bus to school now!}.

Jude and Blaise are starting to "play" together on the days that Jude is at home. Sometimes. When Jude's not totally mauling the little guy. But Blaise is starting to be able to hold his own with Jude. Nothing is off limits. Oh they've got a bright future, they do.

Blaise still lights up when he sees Noah first thing in the morning and when we pick him up from school. It's really sweet.
And they all really have a lot of fun together. When they're not fighting with each other. Such is life when you only have brothers.

My three boys. They are full of life and love and joy and crazy and sass and I wouldn't trade them for any other kids in the world!

Every month I {try} to take pictures of my boys. View past months here.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

i heart fall.

It's fall! I love the fall. I missed fall for the last two years and I am determined to soak up every single golden, spiced, pumpkiny, crisp, cozy second of this fall. Because yes. To all the colours.

We went up north to "cottage country" this past weekend for a student retreat. Every year I go and every year I'm so glad I did. I get a little less sleep, but my soul can just breathe when I'm there.
The boys happily frolicked {such a good word!} outside, running around the mini golf course, building castles in the sand and even swimming with their clothes on. At the end of September. In a lake.

Because why not?

I made some delicious Pumpkin Spice syrup for my coffee and have been enjoying the poor man's version of a PSL in the comfort of my own home {for a fraction of the cost!}. Easy, cheap and delicious. Directions here. 

Glory hallelujah.

Yesterday I went to a pumpkin farm nearby with my Mom and brother and his girlfriend. It was lovely. And pumpkiny!

How weird is it that I've been back in Canada for three months now?
I still feel like I haven't really processed the last two years. I still miss friends {both here in Canada and abroad}. I still don't feel like I have a handle on day-to-day life and being a "school Mom". I still don't feel like I quite fit in here.
But that's okay. In the same way that it seems like my house is going to take a really long time to be in a place where I'm happy with it, my heart is also taking a really long time to sort itself out.

And with that...we head into one of the craziest times of the year; weddings, Thanksgiving, birthdays and Christmas. Jesus hold me.
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