Tuesday, October 15, 2013

a recounting of our weekend seasoned with sarcasm

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. We made it through the long weekend. It was long. And full. And crazy. And fun. But I'm kinda glad it's done.

It was my sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday {rehearsal on Friday night} and our whole family was in the wedding party and Thanksgiving on Sunday and then we installed new floors on Monday. Ridonc.

I don't have any tips on doing stuff like this.
Jude drew on Blaise's face with blue marker on Friday. It eventually came off, but it wasn't a washable marker so I had a moment of panic. Then he {Jude} got stung by a bee on his pinky finger. Friday was pretty awesome.
We didn't do the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and opted to leave right after to get home and sleep in our own beds before the big wedding day. Jude threw up seconds after arriving home. Yeah, that happened.
Noah fell down the church steps moments before the processional and then refused to walk down the aisle.
I made little fun bags for the boys to open during the ceremony and promptly forgot them in the car. So that was useful.
Jamie and I had many moments where we just looked at each other with wild, harried looks in our eyes wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into.
But the wedding was beautiful, the weather was absolutely perfect and we definitely had fun and enjoyed ourselves. It was hilarious and adorable to watch our boys tear up the dance floor. They loved pulling out the dance moves, sneaking candy from the candy table and taking hilarious pictures in the photo booth.

Sunday was fun and family and food. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Sunday night my brother Curtis slept over so that on Monday he could help us install our new floors in our living/dining room. He's a freakin' superstar. And our floors look so good. They almost make me giddy.

This morning I realized Noah had no pants to wear that were clean and threw in the jeans I had forgotten to dry into the dryer this morning in hopes that they would dry before school. {They did. Whew.} Jamie walked Noah up to the bus stop and came back and said, "So today was picture day." Hashtag face palm.
I just hope he didn't have yogurt smeared all over his face.


  1. haha, i will admit that during the wedding day there was a point when i did say to myself, "i'm glad i'm not vanessa today." not because you didn't look absolutely gorgeous, and not because you don't have three adorable kidlets. maybe because you're married to jamie..no, that wasn't it either. :) but because i couldn't believe trying to have everything ready for all 5 of you...for a wedding. your kids did great. you and jamie looked amazing, and not too crazed. i felt like i looked more stressed than you did, and i only had one family member in the wedding. :D love you.

    1. Haha, I'm glad I didn't look as crazy as I felt.
      Yeah, I knew with all of us in the wedding, I wouldn't be able to enjoy the day as much, but for Erin it was definitely worth it. :)
      It was so good to see you - I wish we could have chatted more than we did. I was saying to Jamie we should invite ourselves over to your guys place some day and sleep over and hang out!

    2. for sure, we'd love to have you guys over. that'd be so much fun.
      then we actually would be able to chat more. we only get spurts of convo because we are always at family events. :) let's have our own event!

  2. i like this so much. it makes family life seem so much more normal than blogs that are all, "I have all the time in the world to decorate my house and make pottery during my spare time."

    1. Ha. I'm glad you liked it. Just a peek into the gong show that is our lives.

  3. Ah, the life of a busy family of 5 with three little boys! I LOVE IT! Now more deep breaths... :)

    1. Yes I'm sure you know all about the every day crazy that is having three kiddos! *breathe in. breathe out.*

  4. hahaha lowonthego said it! I love your blog, your realness kills me (in a good way) and gives everyone who is a mom or someday will be a realistic look at daily life and all the extras. Thanks :) You're doing awesome (both blogging and Mommy'ing) You and Jamie make a fantastic duo! ;)


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