Tuesday, October 8, 2013

more fall pictures. and random thoughts.

I seriously can't get enough of fall.

I'm pretty repetitive these days. I'm sorry.

Yesterday I pretty much lay in bed as much as I could. {I got hit Sunday night with a brutal head cold.} I missed the boys' bus so had to drive them into school. After dropping them off, I was unbuckling Blaise's seatbelt and a gust of wind blew by and I swear I smelled winter. It was crazy. It stopped me dead in my tracks and the thought that I haven't had a Canadian winter for two years woke me up from my head-cold induced fogginess.
So you'll excuse me a bit if I wax poetic {again} about how amazing autumn is.
Won't you?

My Mom came over today to help me with the boys - thankfully I didn't feel so Sicky McSickster today and actually got a few things done like folding laundry and eating food accomplished. We ended up going for an epic walk in the Guelph Arboretum. It's lovely there.

I saw this tree with the sun streaming in behind it and I almost cried with the beauty. It was absolute perfection.

I have a pie pumpkin waiting to be cooked and turned into pumpkiny deliciousness. Tomorrow.

A couple weeks ago I made these pumpkin energy balls. My boys went bonkers for them. Absolute bonkers. I recommend sticking them in your freezer and eating them cold. It's like a piece of cold pumpkin pie!

And now I have a new kitchen light fixture just waiting to be installed. If only I could get one for my dining room now. {As in, there is currently no light fixture in my dining room.} Oh Ikea. Why don't you have any of the things I want in stock? {Also related: Are you in cahoots with my husband?}

Also what is it with schools and fifty bajillion fund raisers? I'm so not on board with this part of being a school mom and I guess I need to figure out how to get on board. Or something.

Aaaand, this weekend my sister in law is getting married and we're all in the wedding party. Yup. The whole fam damily. So my brain has mostly stopped functioning. I am a list making maniac because I honestly cannot remember and will not remember everything I/we will need for the day without my precious lists. I am so excited for her and her fiance. But weddings in which I or any of my family are involved in take a ridiculous amount of thought and planning. *deep breath*

Here we go!

Hello gigantic leaf. You are awesome. 


  1. that tree is redonk. like, its unreal. so glad you took a pic. i remember coming back from England and also being amazed by the change of seasons. I know you've always been Autumn crazy, but I just love having such individual seasons. heart joy. how are you feeling? hoping your weekend is smoooooth-sailing! p.s pink loafers. LOVE.

  2. I don't mind the repetitive "Fallness" in your blogs. I need to get out and take more photos of the colours ASAP before they all go brown. May have already missed the peak :( Anyhow that IS a gigantic leaf haha


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