Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Other Brother

Tonight I can check off one of my "restaurants to go to in Guelph" list.
The Other Brother.
Tonight I went with my friend Karen for dinner and we actually hoped to get there before 6pm when their $39 3 course meal is only $30. But alas, our order had to be PLACED before 6pm. Dang.
Anyway, it was a quaint little restaurant, great atmosphere and really good food! I was sad not to be able to order a glass of wine, though.
I ordered Truffled Mushroom Soup with Shiitake Mushrooms (really good!) for an appetizer.
For main course I had the Slow Roasted Alberta Beef with lobster mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.
For dessert I had a delicious cheesecake in phyllo pastry with a berry compote sauce thingy.
All in all, I give it a 8.5 out of 10.

Monday, February 23, 2009

a feast for the eyes

This was the second time I made these mini cheesecakes. The first time I had meant to take a picture, but forgot (how sad). So for my Mom's birthday on Saturday I made them again and took some snaps.
They are by far way easier to make than they look. They are a simple cheesecake with a hint of lemon. For the sauce I just defrosted some blueberries and strawberries and mashed them up a bit to make a sauce.
Bon Appetit!

Friday, February 20, 2009

swimming update

I guess this is my belated post on swimming.
I have gone swimming a grand total of ...

*insert drum roll here*

One time.

*hangs her head in shame*

But here are my thoughts on my one time swimming.

I did buy 10 tickets so I have 9 more sessions to use. And I will use them. Just not sure when.
On my way to the pool my iPod mix randomly selected "Motivation Proclamation" by Good Charlotte. I smiled at the irony of the song choice.
It also got me thinking that while swimming is a great exercise and one that I probably prefer to participate in the most, I realized that you can't listen to music while you do it! I'm not sure why this never occurred to me before, but I definitely could have used it during this swim session.
I thought, "Yeah, I'll go for about 40 minutes."
After 4 lengths I was DYING. I couldn't even do more than one length of front crawl and resorted to breast stroke. I made myself continue for about 20 minutes and then slithered out of the pool, conveniently at the same time as the Aqua Fit class so the locker room was very loud and very full. I wanted to linger in the shower, but the 10 year old girl singing Ariel's song from The Little Mermaid was somewhat annoying so I skedaddled and got home in time for the opening recap of last week's episode of 24.

Things I'll do next time:
1. Arrive on time. The lanes fill up about 15 minutes into the start of the lane swim and I hate swimming in a crowded pool.
2. Don't wait around on the triathlon team's side of the pool. Very intimidating.
3. Bring a water bottle.
4. Make myself swim 10 or so minutes past the end of the Aqua Fit class. Either that or get out 5 minutes before they do.
5. Have a plan of how many lengths I want to do and follow that instead of going by time. I think this will help me stay more focused.

near miss

I hate snowy roads.
I'm ready for spring.

I almost got in an accident today.
It happened while on my way home from a friend's house today and I was admittedly going too fast on a side road to get back onto the main road when I did two HUGE fish tails, completely lost control and spun out in a complete 180.
I am so glad there were no cars around because I was all over that street. It was very scary and I just sat there for a second, facing the wrong way on the street while Noah let out a huge "wooooo" in excitement at the "move" I just pulled.

I guess I just got used to clear roads.
Lesson learned.
But I am still ready for spring.

50 reasons...

13 more days until the big ultrasound!
I'm pretty excited. :)
I was reading on Baby Centre (a Canadian Website) that said that in Canada each year about 330,000 births occur and of that less than 10% are with midwives and an even smaller percentage choose to have a home birth.
That's quite a small percentage! I'm still more than 5 months away, but looking forward to it more and more each day!

I found this adorable little list on Baby Centre. Some things I would say are not guarantees, but they are definitely fun to think about.

50 reasons to be glad you're having another baby

1. Digging out all those tiny little baby clothes again and remembering when your great big toddler was brand new.

2. Knowing that your labour is probably going to be shorter and hopefully easier this time around.

3. Seeing the look of amazement on your older child's face when they meet their new brother or sister for the first time.

4. Having a routine already established with your toddler, so that you aren't stuck in the house with a new baby, wondering what to do with yourself.

5. Going on mat leave again (although with that much more to keep you busy at home)!

6. Watching your toddler "helping" with her new brother or sister.

7. Feeling so much more confident with your newborn than first time around (it's amazing!)

8. Not having to buy all that baby equipment again.

9. Watching your children start to play together as your youngest gets older.

10. Having all the fun of picking out another baby name.

11. Letting your children play together (or squabble!) in the back seat of the car on long car trips.

12. Knowing that your children will entertain each other (eventually!)

13. Rather than learning to be a parent first time around, you can now just enjoy it.

14. Feeling a lump in your throat as you see your first-born hold your second-born.

15. Knowing that your children will always be there for each other.

16. Your first-born will acquire an audience that is genuinely impressed with his latest daring deeds, such as leaping off the kitchen table.

17. Someone who was just a child now becomes a 'brother' or a 'sister' as well.

18. On a career development note, you acquire unparalleled diplomatic skills - once you've got through six months juggling the demands of more than one child, you are perfectly qualified to run the United Nations.

19. Weaning is easy - the younger one just crawls round the carpet picking up the Cheerios.

20. Hearing your toddler announce to everyone - "that's MY sister"

21. Watching your toddler stuff a cushion up his sweatshirt so he can grow a baby too.

22. Looking at your toddler putting his hand on your belly and asking incredulously - "Are you sure there's a baby in there?"

23. Hearing your toddler ask "can we buy a boy?" when you tell him you are having another baby.

24. Suddenly realizing how big and grown up your toddler is once you have your tiny baby.

25. Watching both children fight to be the first to hug Daddy when he gets home from work.

26. Realizing that you are a "real family" now you have two (or more) children.

27. Being able to say "my children" rather than "my baby".

28. Being able to say to your toddler, "you did that, when you were a baby!"

29. Sitting on the sofa with your partner, cuddling one child each.

30. Knowing that a sibling is the gift you give your firstborn that outlives you.

31. Getting out your baby pictures and having a little weep over them.

32. Saying to yourself: "Last time I'm sure I wasn't this sick/this huge/didn't go off pizza"

33. Already knowing about BabyCenter Canada from day one!

34. Being better informed about labour and birth, having experienced it once already.

35. Hearing your baby chortle with delight at your toddler's antics.

36. Bath times becoming unstoppable splash time, now that there are two (or more!) of them in the bath.

37. Seeing your toddler finally start to eat veggies as a snack because his little brother is having them too.

38. Loving your older child for giving her baby toys to her little brother so willingly.

39. Finding your eldest child being completely absorbed in baby toys.

40. Listening to your eldest child become a bossy big sister.

41.Having a little bit more free time while your children play together (one day!)

42. Seeing how your new baby brings out the caring and protective side of your older child.

43. Watching your older child teach your youngest new skills, like how to stroke the cat gently.

44. Going all gooey at the sight of small and really tiny clothes hanging together on the clothesline.

45. Being able to read all your favourite baby books again.

46. Having a sweet little baby to cuddle when your older child is being unbearably naughty!

47. Seeing your children grow up together, inventing their own secret games and words.

48. Hearing the different ways your toddler tries to say the baby's name.

49. Being able to buy 'two adult and two children' family tickets.

50. Giving your first child a friend who shares the same history and background as him.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I decided to just skip week 17 picture.

In other news, I booked my 18-20 week ultrasound! The first week of March - 16 days to be exact. I can't wait! I hope baby co-operates and we can find out the gender...BUT...if the baby doesn't and the technician is unable to tell, that would be kinda fun too and I'd be fine with that.
So I'm PRETTY pumped about that.
I also have felt the baby (FOR REAL) a few times now which is perty exciting.
I've been eating WAY too many sweets...I can't help it! I crave sweet things.
I should go. I hear Noah roaming through the house...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

missing 17 week pic!

I forgot to take my 17 week picture. I just lent my camera out, so I'll take the picture tonight when I get it back.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

16 weeks and 6 days!

Today was my midwife appointment with Carol. It was good to see her again. :)
All my blood work and tests from last appt are all normal and fine.
I get to do a pee test sometime at my leisure over the next week or so.
My weight is back up to my pre-pregnancy weight (I had dropped about 8 or so lbs).
I met the intern who will be helping out until...May? June? Her name is Erin and the baby kept skidaddlin' away from her when she was trying to hear his/her hearbeat. 140 was the heartbeat.
I get to book my ultrasound for the first week of March which is when we'll hopefully get to find out the baby's gender!!! I am beyond excited to find out this time around! I just found it so amazing to be able to bond with Noah last time, knowing he was a boy and knowing what we'd name him...it was really cool. So I look forward to finding out if this little baby is a boy or a girl.
Pretty pumped!
I'd like to think we can keep it to ourselves for a bit after we find out, but that's not likely to happen.
Okay, off to bed for me now. Last night I slept horribly. I don't know what it was, but it was BRUTAL.
Must get more sleep!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am guilty for the deaths of a thousand trees

I have (and have had for a long time) a devastating addiction/obsession with stationery. Ever since I was a little girl and loved stickers, writing paper and special pens, I have loved everything to do with stationery.
I buy note cards because they're adorable, cute, quirky, hilarious without thought to when I'll use them (but use them I DO!) and I recently (thank you Real Simple Magazine) found a glorious site called Paper Source that has stationery, stationery and more stationery.
I spend mass amounts of time designing my child's (the one that hasn't been born yet) birth announcement knowing full well that these sites are over priced, but they're sooo beautiful. And cute. And adorable. And fresh. And gorgeously designed.
'Tis the sigh of love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

maternity wear

I do love the comfort of wearing maternity jeans, but man-oh-man I HATE having to keep pulling them up every 5 minutes! I can still fit into most of my jeans, but it's far more comfortable to wear maternity stuff but I'm not quite big enough that my belly holds them up...oh well.
Soon enough I guess.


My newest blog obsession (as of 10 minutes ago) is Bakerella. I'm in love. And filled to the brim with marvelous, domesticated ideas...
For instance, check this out:The entire thing is made out of cake. Yep, even the truffles. I'm in sweet, baking heaven!
Seriously, I'm going to make something fantastic for this V-day weekend but I'm not quite sure what yet. It's going to taste delicious and hopefully look delicious too. I'm not sure what it will be, but it will undoubtedly put all my workouts to waste (I went swimming for the first time yesterday...more on that later...) and be COMPLETELY worth it. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hospitals and C-sections

I went to the hospital on Thursday for my prebirth registration and it was pretty simple. Last time we got a tour, though. This time I just had a meeting with a nurse and then went home. I also saw one of the midwives there with the nurses doing paperwork or something.
Anyway, they handed me this pamphlet on delivering in Guelph General Hospital and as I was reading what happens pre, during and post C-section I felt my whole body getting tense.
I really do not want a C-section and will try everything to avoid one (if that becomes an option) but obviously if the baby needs to come out, he/she needs to come out and I'll do whatever it takes. But man oh man, I dread the thought of a C-section and pray I don't have to have one.
We'll see, I guess.

16 weeks

Week 16 was taken late last night right before bed. The weird shadow behind my belly is annoying but my actual belly can be seen pretty well I think.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Would You Do?

This is the second week I've caught the ABC show What Would You Do? A reality-type show that sets up situations with cameras to see what passers by will do.
The latest clip I just watched was of a nanny in a coffee shop being berated by her employer in front of the little girl she's watching. She's called worthless, stupid, blamed for things she didn't do and is physically threatened. They switch up actors (race and appearance) to see if it will affect people's decisions to step in and do something. It's amazing to see what people will and won't do. It definitely made me think and wonder what I would do in that particular situation. For me, that's a tricky one and I'm sad to say that I'm not sure what I would do. It's also hard to analyse what you WOULD do especially if you're NOT put in the situation (which is why they do the show I'm sure).
In another situation a blind woman is purposely given wrong change (told a $1 bill is a $20) in a way that people can see. The cashier also makes snide remarks about her disability. In a situation like that I would like to think I'd definitely say something.
I just really find this show fascinating because they analyse people's behaviours and specifically in certain situations with certain races, actors, and changing up who responds (women, men, older or younger people).
It's made me definitely think twice about my responsibility to strangers - even if it's not "my business". It also made me think that I probably wouldn't respond in a lot of situations (the ones that are "tricky" or "iffy") and that makes me sad and slightly ashamed. I worry what people would think, but chances are that if I'm uncomfortable, other people in the area are also uncomfortable and will likely back me up if I just step up and say something.

Monday, February 2, 2009


I booked my prebirth hospital registration appointment. Even though I plan and hope to have a home birth, the midwives suggest registering at the hospital just in case I do end up having to go in. It just makes things go a lot more smoothly if they have my paperwork, etc. so I don't have to fill it all in when I'm in labour.
Basically from what I remember, I'll get a tour of the area where labour and birthing happens, I'll talk to a nurse about breastfeeding, post-partum depression and stuff like that as well as fill out any applicable forms.
I know it seems really soon but they say you can do it as early as 12 weeks. July seems like a LONG time away from now, but I guess it'll creep up pretty quickly!
I go in for my appointment on Thursday. I'll just go by myself as Jamie came the first time, we've already done this and it does seem silly to both of us. *shrug* Hopefully it'll be quick and painless. :) (Unlike labour.)
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