Monday, February 2, 2009


I booked my prebirth hospital registration appointment. Even though I plan and hope to have a home birth, the midwives suggest registering at the hospital just in case I do end up having to go in. It just makes things go a lot more smoothly if they have my paperwork, etc. so I don't have to fill it all in when I'm in labour.
Basically from what I remember, I'll get a tour of the area where labour and birthing happens, I'll talk to a nurse about breastfeeding, post-partum depression and stuff like that as well as fill out any applicable forms.
I know it seems really soon but they say you can do it as early as 12 weeks. July seems like a LONG time away from now, but I guess it'll creep up pretty quickly!
I go in for my appointment on Thursday. I'll just go by myself as Jamie came the first time, we've already done this and it does seem silly to both of us. *shrug* Hopefully it'll be quick and painless. :) (Unlike labour.)

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