Thursday, February 12, 2009

16 weeks and 6 days!

Today was my midwife appointment with Carol. It was good to see her again. :)
All my blood work and tests from last appt are all normal and fine.
I get to do a pee test sometime at my leisure over the next week or so.
My weight is back up to my pre-pregnancy weight (I had dropped about 8 or so lbs).
I met the intern who will be helping out until...May? June? Her name is Erin and the baby kept skidaddlin' away from her when she was trying to hear his/her hearbeat. 140 was the heartbeat.
I get to book my ultrasound for the first week of March which is when we'll hopefully get to find out the baby's gender!!! I am beyond excited to find out this time around! I just found it so amazing to be able to bond with Noah last time, knowing he was a boy and knowing what we'd name was really cool. So I look forward to finding out if this little baby is a boy or a girl.
Pretty pumped!
I'd like to think we can keep it to ourselves for a bit after we find out, but that's not likely to happen.
Okay, off to bed for me now. Last night I slept horribly. I don't know what it was, but it was BRUTAL.
Must get more sleep!

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  1. still gonna keep the name a secret? Don't even tell me if you have one if you are that's just mean ;)


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