Saturday, February 7, 2009

hospitals and C-sections

I went to the hospital on Thursday for my prebirth registration and it was pretty simple. Last time we got a tour, though. This time I just had a meeting with a nurse and then went home. I also saw one of the midwives there with the nurses doing paperwork or something.
Anyway, they handed me this pamphlet on delivering in Guelph General Hospital and as I was reading what happens pre, during and post C-section I felt my whole body getting tense.
I really do not want a C-section and will try everything to avoid one (if that becomes an option) but obviously if the baby needs to come out, he/she needs to come out and I'll do whatever it takes. But man oh man, I dread the thought of a C-section and pray I don't have to have one.
We'll see, I guess.

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  1. You've got everything going for you and your first line of defense is the midwife! So relax and enjoy the anticipation of a good experience!


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