Saturday, April 28, 2007

food...and Chicago

So I promised I'd blog about my adventure in Chicagoland and so here I am - feeling slightly tired, but Jamie is still watching the hockey game with Rod (we're in Saskatoon right now - not quite finished our road trip) and I know I'll be awakened if I try to go to sleep before then.
So first stop on the el-grande road trip was Chicago, IL. That's Illinois to those who aren't familiar with American geography or short forms. I'm learning quite a bit about American geography (of the Northern flavour) and finding it quite fascinating. Well, perhaps not fascinating, but it's always fun to learn new things. Even if it's about the US of A.
So we get to Chicago after a drive of about 8ish hours on the road. We find our Inn - The Inn at Lincoln Park and check-in. Now the Inn at Lincoln Park is an old Inn. From the 1920's I believe. And I'm delighted to find that we are located across the street from my most favourite place in the whole wide world; Panera Bread. My friends, if you have not been introduced to Panera Bread you are missing out indeed. The next time you are in the States please look it up to see if there is one in your area. The most delicious bagels (my recommendations would be Asiago Cheese with Sundried Tomato cream cheese for the savoury lovers and Cinnamon Crunch with Hazelnut Cream Cheese for those who have a sweet tooth) they also have free wireless internet, wonderfully comfortable booths and usually classical or jazz playing softly in the background.
Actually, the Inn at Lincoln Park was in a great location. Beside Panera was Chipotle (a great fast food Mexican place where you make your own burrito or taco and you get HUGE servings) and on the same side of the street as us was Cold Stone Creamery - an incredible ice cream store.
I love food.
Our room was small but totally fine for what we wanted and within walking distance of Wrigley Field where we went to see a Cubs game!
So after a quick bite at Panera for some dinner we made the 15 minute walk to the old and infamous home of the "Cubbies".
The walk itself was great and we passed many great stores with music, vintage clothing and specialty dog treats and outfits. I thoroughly enjoyed the walk.
Wrigley Field was also a lot more exciting than I anticipated. The atmosphere around it was very "fair" like - as in a country fair where they sell peanuts and cotton candy and people have set up street stands selling many a Cub paraphernalia to passersby.
We found out "seats" in the bleachers with - as I was about to discover - the rowdies, or as a random peanut seller called them, the bleacher bums.
Everyone had a beer in his hand (I say "his" because I would guess about 85% of the people in the bleachers were guys with their buddies) and was yelling things to each other, to the players and then yelling more things to each other. I saw 2 "almost" fights break out, 1 guy pass out from being so drunk, 2 guys get escorted out and pretty much everyone shivering from being so cold. Oh I longed for the warmth of the Sky Dome and it's closed roof.
This was very different than any Jays game I had ever been to.
The Cubs players in the outfield often threw the practice balls into the crowd and interacted quite regularily with the fans in the bleachers. Even players on the opposing team (this time it was the Brewers) would give dirty looks or bend over and give us a fake moon. It was hilarious. We left after the 8th inning when the Cubs were down 3-0 and the rain was no longer a light drizzle, but steadily coming down.
The adventure didn't end there, though.
That night in our tiny Inn room something happened to the boiler and our heater (one of those old-school radiators covered in a metal frame box painted white) would NOT turn off or down. It was pumping out heat like we were living in Alaska. I was so hot but we were on the first floor and our window had no screen and needed to be propped open to stay open or else it would slam shut.
I did not sleep well that night.
But it was all part of the adventure and for the most part I don't think my mood was soured. I think it was probably because I knew that in the morning I would get to go to Panera and enjoy a delicious Cinnamon Crunch bagel.
We did go to Panera the next morning, surfed the 'net and savoured every last bite of our bagels.
So that's my long winded Chicago tale.
Currently we are enjoying beautiful Saskatoon with the Alm's and I, for one, am glad we didn't go through and stay in Moose Jaw.
More on our road trip when I am less tired.
And pictures to come too.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Not much is happening baby wise - at least that I can tell. I am noticing that I have moved into the "I look like I love food and have stopped working out" phase and have some chub/thickness around the midsection. Nothing noticeably "pregnant" looking for sure, but I'm feeling less comfortable (at least about how I look) in my clothes.
Today (in Saskatoon) I went with Kathy Alm to a mall and happened upon Motherhood Maternity. was my lucky day. I got a few basics and was thrilled with everything. I even got some really good prices. They had this fake pillow belly you could strap on and test with your clothes if you aren't showing yet (which I'm not really). It was so great albeit lumpy looking :D! I love the things I got:
A pair of dark jeans - very comfy and they fit me well.
A jean skirt - very cute and exactly what I wanted.
A pair of green capris - ones that I will definitely be able to wear after the baby is born too.
A bright blue v-neck tank top - a simple and extremely comfortable top.
A simple white v-neck blouse - on sale for $12.99! Great for the whole pregnancy I think.
So all in all, very pleased. I love that I have a valid excuse to go shopping! That makes this prego very happy.

Monday, April 23, 2007


So I made couscous for the first time today. (MADE it, not ate it) It was delicious! I didn't have chicken broth but I had a beef bullion (sp?) cube which I disolved first and then cooked the couscous in After it was cooked I put raisins in and it was deeelish!
Combined with pork chops and green peas it was a delightful dinner.
I forgot how much I liked making good dinners. Lately I've been so tired in the evenings but I had defrosted the chops and we're leaving tomorrow so we HAD to eat it tonight.
But back to couscous...I will be making much more of it in the future and specifically this summer!
Hmmm...what else could I put in...apples? Other fruit...more spices...any other suggestions would be appreciated! :D

appetite and fatigue

I am definitely getting my appetite back. I always seem to be hungry - but extremely unmotivated to actually make anything.
Jamie says I am now definitely showing. It looks like pudge to anyone who DOESN'T know that I'm pregnant and I feel like I'm getting "chubby" in the midsection but it's also not that noticeable to most others I think.
My clothes still fit me which is nice, but we'll see how long that will last. :)
I kinda like having an excuse to go out and buy new clothes.
I'm still feeling tired and could go for a nap right about now.

adventures in non-planning

Tomorrow begins our great adventure out west.
I am especially excited about stop numero uno as we park ourselves in Chicago for one night and watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field (Wrigley, not Wrigley's) in the bleachers!!! We'll stay in some old hotel downtown, walk the streets, hopefully hit up a Panera Bread and buy mounds of bagels. Mmmm...Panera. I can't remember if I've written about Panera Bread from my stay in Florida last summer, but it's pretty much the bomb diggity. The most delicious bagels (and scones!) you've ever tasted - in your life.
I'm also excited because I'm going with Jamie. I love traveling with Jamie. Someone I'm so comfortable with who will say what HE wants to do but at the same time be open to what I want to do. Have you ever traveled with someone who you didn't know well enough to just do what you wanted to do and trust that they would speak up if they wanted to do something else? Well, there will be none of that here. And we'll probably laugh lots. Listen to great music. Speaking of which - I need to burn some CDs off my compy.
Yeah, I still have lots to do, but instead I am blogging about it all and getting hungrier just THINKING about Panera Bread.
Things to do:
Print off our baseball tickets for the game tomorrow night
Finalize travel plans and print off directions
Print off hotel confirmations
Pack (yipes!)
Burn some CDs
Get passport out
Finish laundry
Talk to neighbour about bringing in our mail
Tidy/clean house
Figure what resources to bring for talks and such for project
Clean out fridge
Clean out car (SHOULD be done, but not necessary I guess)
Book midwife appt for June
Work on year end prayer letter? (yipes x2)

Friday, April 20, 2007

the burpster

I think my new nickname should be The Burpster. Actually, I don't WANT that as a nickname, but it sure would be appropriate. It doesn't take much. Water, crackers, meat, chocolate, yogurt...anything that goes into my stomach results in loud, manly belches.
I feel somewhat justified, however, since I am pregnant.
Thank goodness Jamie doesn't mind. Otherwise I try and keep it to a dull roar when we go out.


A sure sign that spring is here and summer is on its way: baseball season starts.
I really like baseball and I like the feeling I get when baseball starts up again. Long games, hot summer nights (or afternoons), peanuts, popcorn, the 7th inning stretch.
Funny story there:
My 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Macdonald lead the 7th inning stretch back in the day and I believe it was my sister (?) who got to go on the field and help lead the 7th inning stretch one time.
I always thought Mrs. Macdonald was so cool.
I think I need to go to more Jays games this summer when I'm around.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


One of my favourite words to use is "glug".
It's actually an onomatopoeia.
It's used when you are really thirsty and all you want is a "glug" of water (or liquid of some sort, but best used in the context of drinking water).
Like right...I could totally use a glug.
So thirsty...

road trip itinerary

Tonight Jamie and I planned out our road trip to Calgary for next week.
I'm pretty excited! We're going to stay at an old hotel downtown Chicago from the 1920's that's in walking distance of Wrigley's Field and we'll go and see a Cubs game. Woot!
Then we'll stop in the bustling town of Grand Forks, North Dakota (it's huge, look it up) and then we'll have a 2 night stay in S'toon at the Alm's house! I'm pretty pumped about that as well!
The final day will be to Calgary.
I love road trips! I just hope I don't have to pee too much...


So I've been told I'm "showing" and after my belly being touched more than it's ever been touched in my LIFE...I decided to take a picture.
I don't think I'm showing. Really.
Maybe a bit of chub.
Oh who knows.
Decide for yourself.
I went to another restaurant with my DG last week.
Friends in our kitchen.
This restaurant I would sadly NOT recommend. The prices were far too expensive and the food was ok - good, but not worth what we paid.
It's a cool idea to have an open kitchen so everyone can see what you are cooking, but lower the prices and make the food better. That's what I say!

Monday, April 16, 2007

the "list" updated

I think it's about time I update my restaurant list.
Since I last posted my "list" I've been to The Boathouse and The Red Brick Cafe. Both of which were lovely and refreshing.
The Boathouse was such a fun experience. With a plethora of teas to choose from and the most delicious scones with jam and cream you will EVER experience this adorable old boathouse with its mishmash of chairs, table clothes, teacups and saucers is sure to enchant and I would recommend anyone going there.
I haven't tried their ice cream, but that's next on the list.
The Red Brick Cafe was great as well. I've been there twice or thrice now. I can't remember. I love the artwork on the walls that you can buy if you are so inclined. The lovely Pier 1 tall, square stools and the little nooks to enjoy a steaming cafe latte. They also have wine tastings on Tuesday nights I believe. I'm intrigued, but will have to wait about a year or so until I partake in this delicious liquid. *sigh*
Two thumbs up for both places!


For those, along with myself, who have been wondering what the CRL stands for on the pregnancy ticker at the top of the blog I managed to find it on google (the ever resourceful google) and it stands for the crown-rump length of the baby.

Midwife visit 2

Went to the midwife today. I forgot to get my bloodwork done. Whoops.
BUT we did find out that my due date has been moved to October 21st! My birthday! But this baby wouldn't want to share his/her birthday with me, would they?
Let's hope not.
But I'm excited! Everything looks fine from the ultrasound she said and seems to be progressing just fine.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

There is this phenomenon that happens to you when you become pregnant - well at least it's happened to me.
It's called Baby Brain, Prego Brain, Pregnancy Brain - whatever you want. Take your pick.
Basically your brain slowly become mush and is no longer available for all the functions it once used to perform.
Simple things like remembering what mustard is called. "Pass that container of yellow stuff please."
Or like today when Jamie and I were watching the Blue Jays game and they announced a player's name and I said (trying to be all smart),
"Oh yeah, that's the short baseman."
Clearly...I meant the shortstop. But did that stop Jamie from teasing me about it? Nope.
I anticipate this summer to be a non-stop tease-fest.
Oh brain...why did you have to go away? I need you!

Friday, April 13, 2007


So my friend had her baby! A little girl. How exciting. And she got to have her at home like she wanted.
How quickly life must change in that instant. From the baby being extremely low maintenance and being carried around in your belly to being out in the world, crying, smiling, pooping, nursing, sleeping. You go from Mom-to-be, to full-fledged, full-time parent. No looking back, no going back. You are where you are. Amazing. And terrifying.
I can't wait to see pictures.
On another note, I think the weirdest thoughts sometimes.
"Is it ok if I put this laptop on my legs? Will it hurt the baby?"
In other random news, I thought I just accidentally posted this post on my regular blog and just about had a conniption.
Ok, lunch time.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

new friends

Last night Jamie and I went over to some new friends house for dinner and the evening.
It's a nice house. Some day I hope to own my own house - and for it to look nice like this place.
And not only do they have a nice house, but they are really nice. And fun. We laughed really hard at one point - I cried I was laughing so hard.
Sometimes when I get to that point I can't make any noise. It's just me, mouth open, eyes squint shut and tears streaming down my face. I feel like I look like the biggest idiot, but at that moment it's a great feeling to be laughing so hard.
But depending on who it's with I often will curb this laughter because it's probably true that I could laugh like that much longer than the joke or funny thing is worth laughing at.
But we had a delicious dinner and dessert and I was filled-to-the-brim full.
It's fun to make new friends.
Why is making new friends harder when you get older?
When you're a kid, you just walk up to someone else who is swinging on the swings, join them and start talking away like you're the best of friends, always have been and always will be. (Seriously, that's how it happened for one of my childhood friends, Jenny Wiley.)
I think when you're a kid you generally all like the same things. Candy. Rides. Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk. Dislike the same things. Brussel sprouts. Mean teachers. Indoor recess. Spanks. :D
When you're older I think you are much more of an distinct individual and know who you are, what you like and that can vary on the extreme from one person to the next. You have views on religion, politics, money, relationships. You have specific tastes in humour, style, conversation, movies.
Well, I'm glad we have some new friends.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ultrasound Part Deux

Our 2nd ultrasound was an incredible experience!
I saw 2 little hands and 2 little feet and that baby was squirming all over the place!
I cried a little tear when I saw the baby.
I have a little life inside of me! Not a peanut. Not a bean. A little person!
So incredible.
The top one is a side profile of the baby's face (close up and you can see one of the hands right above it's face) and the bottom one is one of the whole baby.
Just chillin' inside of me. Nice and warm and cozy.
Let the love fest begin!
I'm all smiles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007

music and easter

Lately I've been discovering some delightful music. Incidentally all the artists are women. Or as they write in Guelph, "womyn".
Regardless of your spelling preference here are some of my discoveries (and hopefully some summer tunes I can look forward to):
Feist - Let it die
Ane Brun - A Temporary Dive
Sonya Kitchell - Words Came Back To Me
and then we venture into the past for some oldies but oh-so-goodies (and NOT women):
Miles Davis & Kurt Elling
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong
U2 - All that you can't leave behind (such a good album)

On another note
Easter was good, but different. Our church didn't have a Good Friday Service which I greatly missed afterwards. I think we should have gone to a different church for that service. I definitely missed that hour or two reflecting with the body of Christ on the death of Jesus.
Saturday and Sunday were spent with family and friends in Toronto.
My brother got baptized and it was really special to be able to be there to support and witness his obedience in that way. As an appropriate way to celebrate anyone's baptism we went back to my parents for food, watched the Leafs game and then my brother and his friends bought the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Pay Per View.
How appropriate.
It was a late night and I discovered a little too late that I had forgotten the plug for our blow up mattress at home somewhere - which reminds me I need to find that for future use - so that was interesting but only led me to create a masterpiece of a bed out of cushions, foam pads, thick blankets and anything remotely soft I could get my tired hands on. :)
'Twas a good weekend.

Easter = new life

Well as you may have noticed, I've started up an online Baby pool where people can enter their guess on the gender of the baby, birth date, and weight and it's all for free!
I think there should be a prize (it was suggested that the winner picks the middle name, but that's not going to happen) so I'll think of something. The rules and scoring system should all be on the website on the link on the right side of the page so I won't bother to go into detail.
As for this weekend - it was fun to tell some of our family members and phone a few close friends. I really enjoyed that and look forward to when everyone knows!
I also enjoyed the delicious Easter dinners we had this weekend - and leftovers!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


As I ponder my last discipleship times that will happen today I feel...down. Not sad because I won't see them again - because I will - but discouraged.
Did I really understand discipleship?
Did I "get" spiritual multiplication?
Did I give of my time sacrificially - would they have liked me better if I had spent more "off" time with them?
Am I fun?
Some of these questions are valid while others I know are just Satan trying to bring me down with his lies.
I don't feel like "doing" today.
Lord give me your joy and strength - it is You who works through me anyway. I have nothing to give on my own.
Shine through me today. And every day.

Monday, April 2, 2007

a little update

I've got my 2nd ultrasound booked for next Wednesday.
And as much as I hated holding "it" for soooo long, I think it was really comforting to see the heartbeat and I look forward to seeing it again.
Other than that, not too much new on the baby front.
We have names, but we're not telling anyone - SO DON'T ASK!
I'm feeling mostly tired - naps are my saving grace. I napped from 6-7:20 tonight and it will probably come back and bite me in the butt when I try to fall asleep in the next hour or so.
No noticeable bump - except for general thickening up of the belly area.
The question will soon be, "Pudgy or pregnant?"
Luckily for me I can answer the latter.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

fellowship dinner

I'm too tired to post a real thought-invoking/provoking entry so here are some pictures from the Fellowship Dinner. Woot!
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