Monday, April 23, 2007


So I made couscous for the first time today. (MADE it, not ate it) It was delicious! I didn't have chicken broth but I had a beef bullion (sp?) cube which I disolved first and then cooked the couscous in After it was cooked I put raisins in and it was deeelish!
Combined with pork chops and green peas it was a delightful dinner.
I forgot how much I liked making good dinners. Lately I've been so tired in the evenings but I had defrosted the chops and we're leaving tomorrow so we HAD to eat it tonight.
But back to couscous...I will be making much more of it in the future and specifically this summer!
Hmmm...what else could I put in...apples? Other fruit...more spices...any other suggestions would be appreciated! :D


  1. you can put tons of cumin spice. that makes it real authentic.

  2. yes! I share your passion for couscous! It is so easy. Let's see, you can use other broths like the fun Thai ones that campbell's makes. Parsley and cucumbers and a little oil salad dressing (Italian?) makes some basic tabouli. I like mine with salsa mixed in. woot!

  3. i also love couscous. how about i make my favourite couscous salad for you in calgary!?!

    happy roadtripping. see you on sunday.


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