Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ultrasound Part Deux

Our 2nd ultrasound was an incredible experience!
I saw 2 little hands and 2 little feet and that baby was squirming all over the place!
I cried a little tear when I saw the baby.
I have a little life inside of me! Not a peanut. Not a bean. A little person!
So incredible.
The top one is a side profile of the baby's face (close up and you can see one of the hands right above it's face) and the bottom one is one of the whole baby.
Just chillin' inside of me. Nice and warm and cozy.
Let the love fest begin!
I'm all smiles.


  1. Utterly amazing!This child was known by God before the womb, fearfully wonderfully made, called by name!! God carefully chose the gender and made this baby beautiful!Wow, God is awesome!
    Bless the Lord!

  2. Incredible pictures!! It really makes you wonder how people can refer to this as a fetus. It is very much a little person fearfully and wonderfully made.



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