Tuesday, April 3, 2007


As I ponder my last discipleship times that will happen today I feel...down. Not sad because I won't see them again - because I will - but discouraged.
Did I really understand discipleship?
Did I "get" spiritual multiplication?
Did I give of my time sacrificially - would they have liked me better if I had spent more "off" time with them?
Am I fun?
Some of these questions are valid while others I know are just Satan trying to bring me down with his lies.
I don't feel like "doing" today.
Lord give me your joy and strength - it is You who works through me anyway. I have nothing to give on my own.
Shine through me today. And every day.


  1. i am so glad i'm not the only person who asks these exact questions.

  2. oh trust vanessa, you're fun :)


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