Sunday, April 8, 2007

music and easter

Lately I've been discovering some delightful music. Incidentally all the artists are women. Or as they write in Guelph, "womyn".
Regardless of your spelling preference here are some of my discoveries (and hopefully some summer tunes I can look forward to):
Feist - Let it die
Ane Brun - A Temporary Dive
Sonya Kitchell - Words Came Back To Me
and then we venture into the past for some oldies but oh-so-goodies (and NOT women):
Miles Davis & Kurt Elling
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong
U2 - All that you can't leave behind (such a good album)

On another note
Easter was good, but different. Our church didn't have a Good Friday Service which I greatly missed afterwards. I think we should have gone to a different church for that service. I definitely missed that hour or two reflecting with the body of Christ on the death of Jesus.
Saturday and Sunday were spent with family and friends in Toronto.
My brother got baptized and it was really special to be able to be there to support and witness his obedience in that way. As an appropriate way to celebrate anyone's baptism we went back to my parents for food, watched the Leafs game and then my brother and his friends bought the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Pay Per View.
How appropriate.
It was a late night and I discovered a little too late that I had forgotten the plug for our blow up mattress at home somewhere - which reminds me I need to find that for future use - so that was interesting but only led me to create a masterpiece of a bed out of cushions, foam pads, thick blankets and anything remotely soft I could get my tired hands on. :)
'Twas a good weekend.

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  1. you should also check out basia bulat.... if you like Feist you may like her
    check out and click on listen.

    (this comment is from Suzanne)


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