Thursday, April 12, 2007

new friends

Last night Jamie and I went over to some new friends house for dinner and the evening.
It's a nice house. Some day I hope to own my own house - and for it to look nice like this place.
And not only do they have a nice house, but they are really nice. And fun. We laughed really hard at one point - I cried I was laughing so hard.
Sometimes when I get to that point I can't make any noise. It's just me, mouth open, eyes squint shut and tears streaming down my face. I feel like I look like the biggest idiot, but at that moment it's a great feeling to be laughing so hard.
But depending on who it's with I often will curb this laughter because it's probably true that I could laugh like that much longer than the joke or funny thing is worth laughing at.
But we had a delicious dinner and dessert and I was filled-to-the-brim full.
It's fun to make new friends.
Why is making new friends harder when you get older?
When you're a kid, you just walk up to someone else who is swinging on the swings, join them and start talking away like you're the best of friends, always have been and always will be. (Seriously, that's how it happened for one of my childhood friends, Jenny Wiley.)
I think when you're a kid you generally all like the same things. Candy. Rides. Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk. Dislike the same things. Brussel sprouts. Mean teachers. Indoor recess. Spanks. :D
When you're older I think you are much more of an distinct individual and know who you are, what you like and that can vary on the extreme from one person to the next. You have views on religion, politics, money, relationships. You have specific tastes in humour, style, conversation, movies.
Well, I'm glad we have some new friends.

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