Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

There is this phenomenon that happens to you when you become pregnant - well at least it's happened to me.
It's called Baby Brain, Prego Brain, Pregnancy Brain - whatever you want. Take your pick.
Basically your brain slowly become mush and is no longer available for all the functions it once used to perform.
Simple things like remembering what mustard is called. "Pass that container of yellow stuff please."
Or like today when Jamie and I were watching the Blue Jays game and they announced a player's name and I said (trying to be all smart),
"Oh yeah, that's the short baseman."
Clearly...I meant the shortstop. But did that stop Jamie from teasing me about it? Nope.
I anticipate this summer to be a non-stop tease-fest.
Oh brain...why did you have to go away? I need you!

1 comment:

  1. Hehee short baseman, oh Vaness I totally chuckled out's kinda giving me the giggles. I know you know what it's actually called...but I probably woulda been right there with Jamie on that one ;)


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