Thursday, April 19, 2007

road trip itinerary

Tonight Jamie and I planned out our road trip to Calgary for next week.
I'm pretty excited! We're going to stay at an old hotel downtown Chicago from the 1920's that's in walking distance of Wrigley's Field and we'll go and see a Cubs game. Woot!
Then we'll stop in the bustling town of Grand Forks, North Dakota (it's huge, look it up) and then we'll have a 2 night stay in S'toon at the Alm's house! I'm pretty pumped about that as well!
The final day will be to Calgary.
I love road trips! I just hope I don't have to pee too much...


  1. I have recently learned that holding in pee too long is quite bad for you, so I wholeheartedly (now) encourage that when you need to pee, don't wait too long to pee.

    sounds like a good road trip! :)

  2. now why on earth would you have to pee often? ;) can't WAIT to see you guys. i'm roadtripping it too...but through the mountains instead of chicago.


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