Monday, March 30, 2009

i hate cats

Ugh. I just went to do a quick check on Noah before heading to bed and who came out of the room when I opened the door?
THE CAT. Henceforth referred to as, "THE EVIL ONE".
I was (and still am) so mad!!! Since when did he start thinking that going into Noah's room is acceptable? This is the SECOND time I saw him sneak out of Noah's room. But imagine if I HADN'T gone to check on Noah! The Evil One (TEO) would have been in there all night, possibly until he meowed or did some other heinous feline activity and woke Noah up. Ooooh...I woulda been soooo mad.
To some, this is not a big deal. To me, it is. We worked hard to train TEO not to go into Noah's room, regardless of whether Noah loves him or not. He is still a lowly animal and I am master. I make the rules.
So I chased him around saying in a loudish whisper, "NO!" and attempting to squirt him with the spray bottle. Hopefully that will give him a LOUD reminder that Noah's room is STILL off limits.
Oh yes and Noah was sleeping quite peacefully and sweetly. What a sweet, sweet boy we have.

I see

Tonight I saw the baby kick. It was pretty neat. I saw a couple other movements, but one significant kick. I waited and stared for awhile, but not too much action was happening so I stopped. But he's still kicking away! :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009


The other morning I woke up from a dream about Sour Cream Glazed donuts. I'm craving sweets in my dreams!?!?!
It's pretty insane as far as I'm concerned.

Monday, March 23, 2009

BIG (and not as in Tom Hanks, honey)

I couldn't sleep because my belly feels so big and uncomfortable so I got up to compare pictures with my pregnancy with Noah. I think I'm about the same size - maybe a little bigger (but smaller up top if you know what I mean...) but not by much (thank goodness!). But then I couldn't help myself and scanned through the rest of the pictures - I'm only week 37 and my first thoughts upon looking at pictures of myself then are: OH.MY.GOSH. Becky - look at her bump. It is SOOOOOOO big.
Seriously. I am going to get HUGE. I feel like I didn't even realize how gigantor I really was back then...but holy moley. Or as my brother once commented, "Whoa ho ginormo." I give him heck for saying this to a poor pregnant lady such as myself, but he was right on the money.

my bladder is being squished

I am officially at the "peeing every 10 minutes" stage of this pregnancy. Some days are worse than others, but I had forgotten about this. It's brutal. The other day I peed twice in the span of probably less than 10 minutes before leaving the house and then when we got to our destination (a mere 5 minutes away) I had to pee again. Ridiculous.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Two nights ago after Jamie and I had gone to bed I started feeling the little guy kicking pretty hard so I put my hand on my belly to see if I could feel it externally and I could! So I quietly whispered to Jamie that he could feel the baby if he wanted to. He put his hand on my belly and we waited for a few seconds and then kerpow! Baby kick! This kid knows ninja moves already!

22 weeks!

Noah got into this last shot and this is him running away from me once I notice he's got a hand and mouth full of kleenex.

Friday, March 13, 2009


The meanings of names is an interesting sphere to delve into. I mean, there are some REALLY cool meanings to names.
Take Gavin, for instance. It's a Welsh name that means White Hawk of Battle. I mean, as a guy, does it REALLY get any cooler than that?
Then there's the name that means Shining Sword. But guess what the name is? Egbert. As if I'd EVER name my child that. Poor Eggy.
And so the search continues...I guess it's good we've narrowed it down to one gender!

21 weeks

Here's me at 21 weeks! Over halfway through already!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

i blame it on the extra hormones

1. Pet Peeves

Okay, it's REALLY starting to annoy me when people say they don't want to find out the baby's gender because they want a surprise. For goodness sakes people! It's a surprise no matter WHEN you find out. One situation is just a whole lot calmer and less messy and the other is full of adrenaline and chaos. I feel somewhat defensive because I hate the assumption that I have no self control and therefore that is why I am finding out my baby's gender ahead of time. I'm getting annoyed just typing this. Whew. Obviously this really bothers me. I try to be gentle about it and laugh it off but man! It bugs me! I have loved knowing the gender and knowing that I'm having a little boy, being able to call him by name (if we have a name picked out) and being able to envision what it will look like to have 2 boys in this home, to see Noah be a big brother to his little brother and see Jamie with his 2 sons. It's just such a wonderful bonding time and I've loved knowing for that reason only. I think it also bugs me that people think I want to find out so I can shop. Perhaps if it were a girl, I'd have bought something pink, but honestly, if I buy a single thing for this little boy I'll be a fool. Seriously...when I thought about it, I believe we have over 15 DIAPER BOXES FULL OF BOYS CLOTHES. It's BEYOND ridiculous at this point.

Aaaand...that is all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

belly shots

I know, I'm sooo behind on taking my weekly belly shots but I've been sick with yet another dastardly cold and it's enough for me to put on pants these days. Jamie was a star today taking Noah to church by himself and pretty much managing the munchkin all day while I've been MIA. Maybe I'll take the picture tonight even though I look like poop.

In other news, I feel this little guy every single day - multiple times and it's really cool! I'm also surprised at how unbig I look, (to me at least) but how big I sometimes feel (already!).

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's a boy!

It's a boy!!!
Yesterday was the ultrasound and while it took awhile before I got to see (as well as Jamie, Noah and my Mom) we did find out from the technician that we're having another boy!
We are so thrilled and beyond excited! It was so surreal, though. But I love knowing ahead of time what the gender is. It helps me to feel more bonded with this baby and imagine what it will be like for Noah to have a baby brother, and for us to have 2 boys in the house!
While we didn't get to see any boy parts as baby was all scrunched up into a little ball, the technician did say she saw clearly before hand earlier on in the ultrasound. So that's exciting! I'm glad we did get to find out!
This ultrasound took about an hour as the tech was trying to get one last shot of the feet, but baby wasn't uncurling. She had me lie on my side and cough a few times to try and get him to move, but he didn't seem to budge too much.

If you tilt your head to the left you are looking at the face of the baby straight on - think "The Terminator".

This is a side profile of the baby's face.

And this is the full body of the baby.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

week 19

I was looking at a day-by-day calendar of baby/Mommy growth during pregnancy and found out that by this point, my baby's legs are done growing until he/she is born!!! This was fascinating to me for some reason. I just can't fathom this little one inside me sometimes!

Thursday is the ultrasound where we hope to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. I'm very excited and hope that baby co-operates. We'll see!

*Note: I misread the info in my calendar. It said proportionatly the legs are what they will be to the body until the baby is born. So yes, they will keep growing but only in proportion to the body.
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