Monday, March 30, 2009

i hate cats

Ugh. I just went to do a quick check on Noah before heading to bed and who came out of the room when I opened the door?
THE CAT. Henceforth referred to as, "THE EVIL ONE".
I was (and still am) so mad!!! Since when did he start thinking that going into Noah's room is acceptable? This is the SECOND time I saw him sneak out of Noah's room. But imagine if I HADN'T gone to check on Noah! The Evil One (TEO) would have been in there all night, possibly until he meowed or did some other heinous feline activity and woke Noah up. Ooooh...I woulda been soooo mad.
To some, this is not a big deal. To me, it is. We worked hard to train TEO not to go into Noah's room, regardless of whether Noah loves him or not. He is still a lowly animal and I am master. I make the rules.
So I chased him around saying in a loudish whisper, "NO!" and attempting to squirt him with the spray bottle. Hopefully that will give him a LOUD reminder that Noah's room is STILL off limits.
Oh yes and Noah was sleeping quite peacefully and sweetly. What a sweet, sweet boy we have.


  1. haha Vaness this sounds like something I would write! :P

  2. You should have a portable sprinkler system at the door that is triggered by quick 4 pawed movements covered with fur.

  3. bahhh too funny! I had to read this out word for word to Andrew.

    "heinious feline activity" ahahhah I'm still chuckling


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