Sunday, March 8, 2009

belly shots

I know, I'm sooo behind on taking my weekly belly shots but I've been sick with yet another dastardly cold and it's enough for me to put on pants these days. Jamie was a star today taking Noah to church by himself and pretty much managing the munchkin all day while I've been MIA. Maybe I'll take the picture tonight even though I look like poop.

In other news, I feel this little guy every single day - multiple times and it's really cool! I'm also surprised at how unbig I look, (to me at least) but how big I sometimes feel (already!).

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  1. ahahahahhhahh oh no. Sorry there is nothing funny about your post. I feel bad that you're sick etc.

    The reason I am laughing is because before I went to your blog I saw the title: "Belly Shots" and I pictured literal belly shots. Like shots of something off your belly. I was confused because a) I have never heard of you doing shots in my entire life and htat would be surprising and b) I can't even picture how you would do that off your belly and c) it better be non-alc shots because you're pregnant

    and then I thought "o.k I'm skeptical to read this. It seems like Vanessa has gone off the deep end but maybe it's some clever analogy or something" ahha

    and it just means pictures of your bellies. I am relieved and laughing.....perhaps I should have kept this to myself. :)


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