Friday, March 13, 2009


The meanings of names is an interesting sphere to delve into. I mean, there are some REALLY cool meanings to names.
Take Gavin, for instance. It's a Welsh name that means White Hawk of Battle. I mean, as a guy, does it REALLY get any cooler than that?
Then there's the name that means Shining Sword. But guess what the name is? Egbert. As if I'd EVER name my child that. Poor Eggy.
And so the search continues...I guess it's good we've narrowed it down to one gender!


  1. not gonna lie, Gavin is on my list. it has been since i read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight back in high school...because Gavin is a bajillion times better than Gawain. But I am pretty sure it's just a variant...

    ps - I recommend Sweeney or Eamon as alternative Gaelic/Welsh names...

  2. oh I like Gavin too, but since you posted it I doubt that's an option. I bet curt would give a hearty YEAH to the white hawk of battle haha


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