Monday, March 23, 2009

BIG (and not as in Tom Hanks, honey)

I couldn't sleep because my belly feels so big and uncomfortable so I got up to compare pictures with my pregnancy with Noah. I think I'm about the same size - maybe a little bigger (but smaller up top if you know what I mean...) but not by much (thank goodness!). But then I couldn't help myself and scanned through the rest of the pictures - I'm only week 37 and my first thoughts upon looking at pictures of myself then are: OH.MY.GOSH. Becky - look at her bump. It is SOOOOOOO big.
Seriously. I am going to get HUGE. I feel like I didn't even realize how gigantor I really was back then...but holy moley. Or as my brother once commented, "Whoa ho ginormo." I give him heck for saying this to a poor pregnant lady such as myself, but he was right on the money.


  1. I can't help but chuckle out load at the ginormo comment...too funny! Gotta love our brothers

  2. it's weird... i never thought you were that big with Noah. Maybe it's because it happens so gradually.

  3. Kirsten: Yeah, I never did either, but with how big I feel already and then looking at the pictures...oi vey.
    But thanks for saying that. :)


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