Thursday, March 12, 2009

i blame it on the extra hormones

1. Pet Peeves

Okay, it's REALLY starting to annoy me when people say they don't want to find out the baby's gender because they want a surprise. For goodness sakes people! It's a surprise no matter WHEN you find out. One situation is just a whole lot calmer and less messy and the other is full of adrenaline and chaos. I feel somewhat defensive because I hate the assumption that I have no self control and therefore that is why I am finding out my baby's gender ahead of time. I'm getting annoyed just typing this. Whew. Obviously this really bothers me. I try to be gentle about it and laugh it off but man! It bugs me! I have loved knowing the gender and knowing that I'm having a little boy, being able to call him by name (if we have a name picked out) and being able to envision what it will look like to have 2 boys in this home, to see Noah be a big brother to his little brother and see Jamie with his 2 sons. It's just such a wonderful bonding time and I've loved knowing for that reason only. I think it also bugs me that people think I want to find out so I can shop. Perhaps if it were a girl, I'd have bought something pink, but honestly, if I buy a single thing for this little boy I'll be a fool. Seriously...when I thought about it, I believe we have over 15 DIAPER BOXES FULL OF BOYS CLOTHES. It's BEYOND ridiculous at this point.

Aaaand...that is all.


  1. true say.

    to be honest, i don't quite understand why people don't find out the gender ahead of time...especially people who see life as beginning at conception. knowing the gender definitely makes the baby seem more real. if i get preggers, i will be as common-sensical as you.

    ...follow up question: why keep the name a secret? (not judging - just curious.)

  2. Beth...the name remains a secret because (especially when pregnant with Noah) I felt conscious of people's reactions to names. I didn't want a fake reaction and I didn't want someone telling me that they knew someone named Noah back in 3rd grade and he turned out to be a real creep. For me, I felt like I'd probably analyze their response even if they said, "Oh what a great name!". This way, once the baby is borned ("All babies want to get borned!") and we announce, "His name is -------" people just accept it and don't necessarily feel like they have to have one last go at changing our's done, ya know?
    So it's more for me than anything else. Plus, it gives me freedom to change the name up until the birth if I so desire. :)

  3. Oh and especially this time around where we don't really have a "Noah" name that we absolutely, positively are sold on, even from before conception. So everything's more up in the air.

  4. Hey sis, I love your reasoning, it makes a lot of sense :) still don't know if i'd do it or not hehe but i guess it's like parenting, everyone has their own way of doing things, doesn't mean it's wrong, just different!

  5. How did I get to have two such smart daughters???...haha...but I do feel blessed (of course my boys are smart too...about other things)!

  6. Hey Vanessa, I don't know if you remember me from C4C at Guelph, but I got to your blog through Suz Roz's - and I just wanted to say:

    #1 Congrats on a new upcoming baby! How exciting!


    #2 Your Juno reference above made me laugh :)

    May God bless you as you bond with your growing baby!


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