Friday, September 7, 2012

power's out friday links

so here we are. tomorrow i'm 41 weeks. pregnant. still.

the days go by and there are no new signs that i am any closer to having this baby. my belly gets bigger. my stretch marks get more noticeable. my sleep deteriorates. i walked up and down our ginormous hill in our compound 10 times this morning in some sort of ridiculous effort to both get out of the house and do a bit of walking which everyone here asks if i am doing.
we get at least one phone call every day asking if i've had the baby from local staff here. apparently they are all getting anxious. sigh. i'm not sure if women here have "due dates" or what, but perhaps they shouldn't have been told mine. i wouldn't doubt now if this baby comes later than jude did {41 weeks exactly}. apparently my body likes to hold onto babies longer each time. what's up with that?
i'm ranting.
i don't care.

the boys are happily playing with jude's duplo set that i just gave back to them. {i had taken it away after jude refused to clean it up the last time. this happens somewhat frequently around here. especially with lego/duplo.}
i feel a bit queasy after polishing off the last bit of eggless cookie dough i made earlier this week. stinkin' pregnancy cravings.

my budding photographer, noah took this the other day. i was impressed.

alright already. friday links! here they are!

i thought this was a cool link. make your food taste awesome. go ahead, do it!

if you like languages, you might find this interesting. just a list that shows how the english language falls short - specifically in communicating emotions.

straight up - this is for parents or anyone who interacts with kids on a regular basis. good tools to have when talking to and with children and expecting them to listen to you!

such a cute DIY and i think one that would be especially delightful in these coming cool, fall evenings {for everyone in my home and native land - and those that neighbour it. :)}

ever feel like listening to every song u2 has ever sung? or maybe jay-z is more your style. no? well, anyway whatever your preference is, you should check this site out.

i need to re-read this. on keeping your soul refreshed as a mother.

and so, it's now friday evening. the kids are ambushing nick, we've just finished a delicious pepperoni pizza and i had a delightful half glass of chardonnay {shhhh!}.
enjoy your weekend!


    b. Noah took that pic? Please tell him I say, "awesome job, dude!"
    c. i want those mason jar thingers. i may make them.

    1. a) you and me both.
      b) I told him that you said so and he said, "She liked it?" and then started talking about how he had forgotten to take a picture of something he actually DREW with the sidewalk chalk. :)
      c) so cute, eh?

  2. you're STILL pregnant???

    awesome photo, little dude!!

    love you all!


  3. Neverending Playlist... LOVING IT! Thanks... Oh, and this might be TMI, but when I was overdue with Lizzi the doctor suggested that I up the "romp in the sac" time to help speed things along... I mean, I guess it couldn't hurt could it??? Just sayin'... ;)

    1. Ha. Yes. Well, I'm just about as likely to run a marathon at this point as a romp. That's how I feel, at least. And I know. It's at the top of every list I find on google for how to naturally induce/kick-start labour. Sigh.

  4. Yeah, "the romp" happened for us one night late in Danica's pregnancy...and my water broke (for the first time in all pregnancies), at 4 that morning...while I was dreaming about closing a business deal with Donald Trump of all things!

  5. The romp worked for me too.

    Hang in there!

    1. Well. It's Saturday morning. I'm still pregnant. So apparently it's not as effective for everyone. ;)

    2. TMI! Ha ha!

      Praying for you love - that baby will be here soon enough - in the mean time kick up your feet and a have a cuppa tea.

  6. A comment on the English language bit. While English may fall short in certain areas ... allow me to point out two things ...
    1) I've noticed the same is true in French at times. I can think of the word in English, but it takes 5 or 6 words to explain the same concept in French. I've watched my fair share of dubbed movies (French dubbed over English) and I've often noticed that those who were dubbing had to speed talk through certain parts to ensure that what the character had to say "fit" within the time frame of the moving mouth ...
    2) Not all of those words in the list came from the same language, so one could argue that they too fall short as well.

    Anyway, that's my nerdy, two-bit addition to your thoughts. :)Happy Saturday!

    1. This is true, Mel. I just loved how those words communicated so much and such intimate moments as well!
      English is great {um, it's pretty much the only language I speak!}, but I definitely appreciate the beauty and value of other languages as well and that every language has qualities of beauty and weakness in communicating certain aspects.

  7. Found the Dr Sears article really helpful. We've been trying to get better in this area so enjoyed the tips. Today I asked Sebby if he wanted to set the table. He said no. As soon as he responded, I realized that I hadn't asked the correct question and set the table myself, ha ha.

  8. ok - ok - it's almost been a week since your last post - any baby yet? Autumn


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