Friday, September 14, 2012

still pregnant friday links

yes i am both still alive and still pregnant. {why yes, i am 13 days overdue now.}

bottom line:
i've been hiding from social media. no one likes a whiner.

but i'm actually doing well. just in a bit of hibernation.
saw the doctor today. my blood pressure is good for the first time in awhile! baby B is still a mover and a shaker and his heartbeat is good. everything looks fine so we wait.
i'm thankful for my doctor who is so understanding and flexible. he's listened to my questions and concerns and not tried to push me into anything.

my brother arrives with his girlfriend in uganda on sunday night. i did not think i'd still be pregnant at this point. but here i am. it'd be great if this baby was born before keven got here, but it is what it is.

no need to ask me if i'm still pregnant or tell me to have that baby already {really? i would if i could!} or give suggestions/advice on how to get this baby out. believe me. i've tried it all. babies come when they come and nothing can make them come earlier.
so don't worry. when he comes, i'll announce it here for sure. and then you'll know. and we can all celebrate together. preferably with a large glass of wine. and soft cheese.

in the meantime, i've been crocheting like a madwoman. i picked up a single row of a baby blanket i started months ago. today i have even more than this picture shows {picture a thicker stripe of rust-coloured yarn and a bunch more grey}.

so here are a few links for you this friday:

this blog post had me crying and laughing as i related to so much of what this mom went through when school started up.

oh i am so making these for my boys some day. adorable. and easy!

any thrifters out there? here are 5 must-know tips for you!

beautiful pictures on how to style your outdoor area. i know most of you are thinking of fall and autumn and putting away those summery outdoor patio sets, but i can't help but be in perpetual summer mode here, even if it is moving into {my favourite} rainy season.

yummy. peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels. make these this weekend.

well, happy weekend everyone!


  1. what a lovely lovely blanket!!!

  2. i want to wrap myself up in that blanket. my mom just called me a BIG baby for saying that.
    it feels cold (cool) here. fall is definitely coming. woot.

    i look forward to the day i bake avec YOU!

    1. Oh I look forward to that too! Baking with you, that is.
      Seriously. The blanket is WARM. sometimes I get too warm from it sitting on my lap as I crochet more and more.

  3. Mmmmm... yes, yes, yes I will be trying the peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels. In the realm of peanut butter and chocolate I highly recommend these: They only take 5 minutes to make. :)

    And that blanket is looking amazing. Would love to see pictures when it's done!

    1. Mmm...I've made ones like that before - I think from Our Best Bites? Either way, DELICIOUS.

      I'll have to take another picture for you and send it. The rust is looking REALLY good!

  4. ahh I have been thinking and praying for you - I wondered if the silence meant you were still waiting - hopefully the wait will soon be over and you can be cuddling Baby B in that gorgeous blanket!

    1. Thanks, Autumn. I am appreciating those prayers! Keep 'em up for me. :) Can't wait to cuddle my little man soon.

  5. You know, I read a story awhile ago. Want to hear it? Good.
    I don't remember it word for word, but it was about a lady who went three weeks over her due date...she was having an unassisted home birth. Anyway, at like, 20 days overdue her baby came. The birth was perfect, the baby was perfect, and he latched on like a champ. She says she remembers sitting there nursing with her mom and sister there and making the comment, "wow, he nurses like a one month old!" and her sister piped up, "he IS one a month old!" LOL
    Anyways, I hope for your sake that you don't go that far overdue, but I must say I'm also very impressed that the Dr.'s there aren't speedbirthers like over here who induce you the second you go overdue! You must have an amazingly comfortable home in there for that little baby!
    Here's another link for you...maybe laughing will send you into labour
    Seriously, the best thing I've ever read...he does an "ode to the placenta" on the blog that's awesome...and has a twitter account that's hilarious :)
    Hang in there mama! Sorry for the book of a comment!

  6. Haaaaahahahaha. I love your blog. Fortunately, I cannot offer any "advice" or pressure since I have no experience what so ever. I figured you were hiding out. Though, I don't mind a whiner. Commiseration can be a wonderful thing you know! :) You said on skype you were crocheting, you didn't say you were CROCHETING. That blanket is mental! I'm like, kinda impressed that your Martha Stewart skills are extending beyond cooking. Good job V!

    Hey, can I tell ya something? I love ya. And yes, I so so look forward to day we can celebrate together in person, with a pitcher (oh yeah, I said PITCHER) of Sangria and lots of brie. Oh brie. I should have a daughter and name her Brie. it won't be chic, it'll be a love of cheese. Ha. James' love that!

    Keep hanging sister friend! Love ya. xox

    1. p.p.s. yes, i am replying to my own post. i don't understand why pregnancy has affected my grammar, but it seems to have made a serious impact on my ability to think before I type. soz.

  7. p.s. double bonus on the super understanding doctor that isn't being forceful! i don't know if you'd have the same thing here. blessings abound!

    1. You crack me up, friend. Love you too.
      And yes. A pitcher of Sangria (do you know a good recipe or somewhere that makes a good pitcher? I have yet to find a swoon-worth Sangria) and brie sounds AMAZING. Better actually when enjoyed face to face with you!

  8. I kinda couldn't believe it when I read the title of your post!! I was definitely expecting an announcement by now. ;) But you have a great attitude. AND, these are all great links! I just pinned 3 of these posts! Have a great weekend and hope baby comes soon!! xoxo

  9. Yah, good links honey! loved all of them...and the blog got me teary. Feeling for you, you know I've been there! Hope your time with Keven and Laura is awesome!


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