Monday, September 3, 2012

{still} two on the third

i missed last month's sibling picture. i realized this about halfway through the month. no one seemed to mind, though. so it's all good.

and i part-forgot and part-hoped that i would be able to legitimately do a three on the third picture, but no such luck.

my sweet friend kelly sent me a link to a very encouraging article about embracing pain in childbirth. after i read that article, it linked to another blog entry which i also found very encouraging. if you're pregnant and expecting soon {or even if you're not expecting soon}, i highly recommend reading both of these articles. at this point i don't fear the pain of childbirth. it's more i'm uncertain of what to expect from a hospital birth in uganda. and continuing to pray unceasingly for peace and trust and hope in what's to come. and contentment for where i am. right now.


  1. AW I love that first (and the 2nd) photo! Such cuties :) yes I had forgotten about the 2 on the 2nd/3rd but I DO LOVE them when you post them :) Looking forward to next months for SURE 3 on the 3rd!

  2. Oh my gosh they are cute - such great photos! :D You're almost there.... can't wait to here your wonderful news!!

  3. The blog links are essential and I'm glad you found them! If I could do anything different (so glad I had home births), I would find that quiet couple of hours by a lake and meditate on the coming birthing process! What a way to put your heart and mind into a solid framework! do it!! xoxo


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