Friday, April 27, 2007


Not much is happening baby wise - at least that I can tell. I am noticing that I have moved into the "I look like I love food and have stopped working out" phase and have some chub/thickness around the midsection. Nothing noticeably "pregnant" looking for sure, but I'm feeling less comfortable (at least about how I look) in my clothes.
Today (in Saskatoon) I went with Kathy Alm to a mall and happened upon Motherhood Maternity. was my lucky day. I got a few basics and was thrilled with everything. I even got some really good prices. They had this fake pillow belly you could strap on and test with your clothes if you aren't showing yet (which I'm not really). It was so great albeit lumpy looking :D! I love the things I got:
A pair of dark jeans - very comfy and they fit me well.
A jean skirt - very cute and exactly what I wanted.
A pair of green capris - ones that I will definitely be able to wear after the baby is born too.
A bright blue v-neck tank top - a simple and extremely comfortable top.
A simple white v-neck blouse - on sale for $12.99! Great for the whole pregnancy I think.
So all in all, very pleased. I love that I have a valid excuse to go shopping! That makes this prego very happy.


  1. Ahaha... V, you are hilarious! Glad shopping was a blast :p

    I also love how I now know what you'll be wearing, what with the little links to your purchases!!!

  2. Of course shopping for new clothes is always a good thing!! Sounds like you got some great stuff that will get you through most of the pregancy. You'll have to post a picture modelling some of your new purchases!



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