Monday, April 23, 2007

adventures in non-planning

Tomorrow begins our great adventure out west.
I am especially excited about stop numero uno as we park ourselves in Chicago for one night and watch a Cubs game at Wrigley Field (Wrigley, not Wrigley's) in the bleachers!!! We'll stay in some old hotel downtown, walk the streets, hopefully hit up a Panera Bread and buy mounds of bagels. Mmmm...Panera. I can't remember if I've written about Panera Bread from my stay in Florida last summer, but it's pretty much the bomb diggity. The most delicious bagels (and scones!) you've ever tasted - in your life.
I'm also excited because I'm going with Jamie. I love traveling with Jamie. Someone I'm so comfortable with who will say what HE wants to do but at the same time be open to what I want to do. Have you ever traveled with someone who you didn't know well enough to just do what you wanted to do and trust that they would speak up if they wanted to do something else? Well, there will be none of that here. And we'll probably laugh lots. Listen to great music. Speaking of which - I need to burn some CDs off my compy.
Yeah, I still have lots to do, but instead I am blogging about it all and getting hungrier just THINKING about Panera Bread.
Things to do:
Print off our baseball tickets for the game tomorrow night
Finalize travel plans and print off directions
Print off hotel confirmations
Pack (yipes!)
Burn some CDs
Get passport out
Finish laundry
Talk to neighbour about bringing in our mail
Tidy/clean house
Figure what resources to bring for talks and such for project
Clean out fridge
Clean out car (SHOULD be done, but not necessary I guess)
Book midwife appt for June
Work on year end prayer letter? (yipes x2)

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  1. Panera is the best!! I'm thouroughly enjoying having access to it on a regular basis here in Indiana. I was enjoying my fuji apple chicken salad at panera just the other day and wondered why it hasn't made its way to Canada yet. I hope it does someday. (if you have an emergency sweet craving on your trip, which I'm sure in your state you might, congrats by the way, have a cobblestone from Panera, they're soo yummy.)


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