Saturday, January 31, 2009

snip, snip

So I did indeed chop my hair. It was somewhat spur of the week but I had been thinking I needed a hair cut and didn't want just a measly trim (boring!), plus I had read my lovely friend and fellow blogger Deb's blog about how she chopped and donated her hair as well, my other lovely friend and fellow blogger Kirsten chopped her hair. Needless to say, I was inspired and I liked the fact that I could do something good with my hair (and Jamie was supportive of me chopping my hair if I donated - if and ONLY if. Haha...).
So off it came.
My hairdresser, Nikki, took 9 inches off and was surprised at "how well I was doing". To be honest, I've never been one to freak out over hair. My hair is dark (not too much wrong you can do with dying it), thick (can handle a lot of different hair styles) and grows relatively fast (no mistake lasts too long) so I figured why not now?
On another note, I was disappointed to find that Nikki has upped her price. When I started with her she was a junior stylist (I asked for a junior stylist so I could pay less) but that was a couple years ago. Now it's like almost $15 more! What to do, what to do...I should just be upfront and ask her what the deal is next time or something. Bah.
Anyway, here's the new do.

This is my "deer caught in headlights" look according to Jamie, but really it's just me trying to be cool.


  1. hot stuff! v. nice.

    I also realized that the salon I frequent upped their prices. sheesh.

    and I think you look cool. nice model pout.

  2. vanessa...i LOVE THE HAIR SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

    IT looks SOOOO good!!!

    and i def agree with deb. it is a very nice model pout :)

  3. Thanks you guys! The one thing I WAS afraid of was getting the "mom" cut. I told my hairdresser I did NOT want a "Mom" cut. I think she did good. Especially coming from you two, it's very comforting. :D

  4. No worries there V, no way you could ever look like a typical "Mom" you're too trendy for that ;)
    (trendy meant in a positive way)

  5. WOW! you look LOVELY! you're blessed with a beautiful face - it doesn't really matter what you do with your hair - you'll still look FAB!

    enjoy the new look and the ease with which you can jump out of bed and be ready to go! :)


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