Thursday, January 29, 2009

pet lovers

Ay yi yi...I can predict it already. Noah will be the little boy that wants pets, pets and more pets! He giggled with glee just now watching the end of a Curious George episode (you know, the educational part) and it happened to feature a classroom of kids making a new house for their two guinea pigs. Oh dear.
Seriously, I am NOT an animal person. Not afraid, just don't like 'em. They cost money, make noise (yes, even guinea pigs make noise) and are cause for extra planning every time you need to leave for more than 2 days.
Only time will tell the future pet battles we (and when I say "we" I mean "I" because in all likelihood Jamie will also be wanting random-pet-of-the-day as well) will encounter.

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  1. your post just reminded me of a pet peeve. (ahah it's funny.. it's a pet peeve about pets) It really bothers me hen people treat their animals like humans. ugh!

    I currently agree with your sentiments as well.


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