Sunday, January 18, 2009

13 weeks 2 days - first picture

Here's me at 13 weeks 2 days. I think I'll do a monthly belly shot so my next one will be in 3 weeks.

Compared to me at 13 weeks with Noah:

I'm definitely showing a lot more and have thickened up all over. :) Ah well.


  1. YOu're still pretty darn close! good job!

  2. the incredible consistency of your pretty-ness as a pregnant woman is astounding. no OFF days!

  3. Look at you! your showing already! thats so fun!

  4. Kirsten: Thank you. That was just what I needed. :) (Aside from a good haircut!)

  5. Yeah seriously V, why would I want to be like you my whole life if you weren't so darn good lookin ;) among other wonderful characteristics

  6. :)
    it's true too! i remember sylvia saying you're luminous :)


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