Friday, January 9, 2009

picket rant

Today Jamie, Noah and I drove to Toronto to go to York so Jamie could pick up his transcript (long story, but he's going to take a course at Heritage and needed his transcript).
Of course those picketers were out in full force. I'd never been in a situation where I needed to get into a place that was being picketed. I've got to say I was extremely annoyed and unimpressed and my general thoughts on picketers (and these in particular) are that they are like petulant children who are refusing to do the dishes when asked because they want a larger allowance.
My thoughts as a parent would be that to NOT do the dishes is the LEAST effective way of getting me to raise their allowance. I know it's not a perfect analogy but really...why is holding up me, my husband and my 14 month old a seemingly acceptable thing to do? If I were the one driving at the time, I'd fully explain that by making me wait to get into the school when I'm NOT a student is only going to make me LESS sympathetic to their cause. (As it was, Jamie was the one driving and really just wanted to get in and out and obviously concluded that debating with a picketer is not a wise use of time.) And if I were a student I'd be especially annoyed at them because at this point the chances of me losing this year are very great. Wow. A whole year because of some makes me mad.
What a bunch of children.
And with that...I am done. But still annoyed and disgusted with their behaviour.

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  1. I promise you Vanessa if I EVER become a teacher I will never go on strike, you can call me Shereen the scab haha! They should memorize the verse...I have learned what it is to be content in plenty and in want ;) I'm working on that one right now!
    PS what course/day is Jamie going to be at Heritage? Maybe he'll run into Sam!


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