Friday, January 16, 2009


For Christmas I received multiple iTunes gift cards. I was thrilled. I don't really like acquiring CDs anymore mostly because of the case and our current lack of storage.

So in hopes of receiving some gift cards I compiled a list of albums I'd like to buy.

Here are my acquisitions:

1. Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack. I love everything about this movie and that included the music. I love the album - it's so soothing and lovely and wonderful. In fact I might listen to it right now. * good* Favourites are: Dawn - this theme seems to run through a lot of the songs on this album. I'll say it again, So Good.

2. Kings of Leon. This was a flukey purchase and wasn't actually ON my list. I had been hearing from a friend how great Kings of Leon are and then I happened upon them in iTunes and did the album preview. LOVED IT. They have several albums out but I purchased Only By The Night. Ack. It's a good mix of southern rock and the frontman's voice is raspy and good and delicious. :) It's a good album. Favourites are: 17, Use Somebody and I Want You.

3. The Juno Soundtrack. I really liked this movie (a lot) and thought the music was really indie and cute and again, sampled the album and ended up getting it. There's really only one song I don't like (drops a bunch of F bombs and is all Bush-bashy and political) but the rest of it is really fun! Favourites: All I Want is You

4. Brooke Fraser's Albertine album. Jamie requested this actually and while I'm still not sold on her, it's pretty good. I dunno, it didn't really GRAB me and honestly I think she sounds like Nicole Nordman from back in the day. I like her, but I wouldn't say I love her. (Sorry Nadine).

No favourites yet, but I'm not writing it off at all.

5. City and Colour's newest album Bring Me Your Love. Classic C&C and I love it. I don't know it well enough to have a favourite other than The Girl which was on a wedding favour CD I got and instantly liked it.

Hm, I guess that's it. I still have enough for 2 albums (I think) and on my original list are: Peter, Bjorn and John - Writer's Block and Stars - In our bedroom after the war.

I don't really know these other two that well and I've got enough albums to occupy my ears with for a few months so I may hold off and see what tickles my fancy then.


  1. definitely wait for a month or two so you don't oversaturate yourself with new music.

    i HIGHLY recommend the stars' album. and i have one Peter, Bjorn and John song, which I love.

  2. Is it the Young Folks song? The one with the whistling? That's why I am considering the album.
    We'll see I guess!

  3. You're forgiven :)

    Actually, my real introduction to Brooke was seeing her live. That tipped me over the edge. So if you get the chance....

    I love Juno. And Pride and Prejudice. You've just inspired me to expand my soundtrack collection.

    Have you seen Once? It's currently my soundtrack of choice.

    Music makes me happy.

  4. Nadine: No I haven't seen Once, but I've heard many, many good reviews so it's on my (ever expanding) list of movies to see. :) I like the first song (currently doing a iTunes album preview...;D).
    Music makes ME happy, too!

  5. I have both your un-purchased albums. I listed to the Stars album pretty much non-stop this summer and Writer's Block pretty much non-stop in March. They're VERY good.

    I heard this band today called Band of Horses and I really liked their sound.


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