Friday, January 30, 2009

Mamma Mia

A couple months back I got a coupon from Rogers for a free new release movie.
It expires tomorrow so I went to Rogers and rented Mamma Mia to watch tonight while Jamie's at the weekly meeting on campus.
The movie's playing right now.
Apparently I'm not that taken with it. I think musicals are alright, but I think it's the cheese factor that I can't handle. That and the fact that sleeping around in this movie is just expected and even made light of. I dunno...I'm not impressed. It's not that I don't like ABBA - I do!
Super cheesy.
Super slutty (can I say slutty?) - but here's the thing...the movie makes you THINK it's not slutty. It's quaint. And adorable. And cute.
. I'm not caught up in it all for some reason. I'll probably surf the internet and intermittently watch it.


  1. i was actually really surprised that my mom LOVED this movie (she saw it in theatre multiple times and eventually purchased it!) because it is so sneakily sexual.

    i happen to love it in a slightly disapproving way...but i can understand why you wouldn't be into it.

    (also, word verification = hilarious. my last comment it was "ressa" which made me think of YOU and this time it's "mormql" which for some reason makes me think of robert munsch)

  2. i LOVED that movie too Beth's mom.

    sure it's on the slutty side, but try finding a show on tv or a movie in theatres that doesn't actually have a hint of sexual immorality.

    Watching sports even... slutty cheerleaders zoomed in on, and all the sudden football is a slutty tv show.


    mamma mia! here I go again... la la :)

  3. I guess I don't like it because it's so blantantly immoral yet so many people (aka "everyone") is all like, "Aww, what a great movie!" as if it's wholesome simply because it's a musical.
    And the ending just put me over the top. Or rather, the ending that I stopped at (when she decides NOT to get married...*rolling of eyes*).
    Needless to say this is on my top 10 most hated movies (also on the top 10, What About Bob? and teen flicks in general).

  4. I hear you V, totally with you. I was disappointed (however I saw the musical don't ask me why I thought the movie would be better...I think it's the singing and dancing thing...ya lame I know)


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